Monday, October 6, 2014

Flashback: 4,5,7,8,9 Month Old Pictures!

Wow! I have faithfully taken pictures each month close to or right on the 21st to document how much she has grown and to write about what she is up to and new things she is learning. I have been writing about the later but have neglected to put pictures up! I have missed several months! Maybe it is better this'll be fun to compare the picture back to back. Literally!

Four Months! I have MANY more 4 month pictures, but tracking down pictures I have taken almost a year ago has proven to hold back my blogging. So, I am moving forward with what I have and I'll add more later as I find them. For now, 7 pictures of Tess at exactly 4 months! 

Five Months! 

I had pictures with the sticker on it, but my goodness, I must be going crazy, I just can't find them! 

7 Months- Holy cuteness! I am loving going over these pictures. 

8 Months

Look at that progression! 

Grandpa got home from church and had to have some Tess time, some cute pictures! 

9 Months! And pictures are getting trickier and trickier! 

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