Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pen Pals!

Shortly after I moved to Provo, I moved in an apartment with three other girls. One of them was Kellie Thomson, now Kellie Rivera. before she got married we lived together for over a year and became very close friends and were with each other through some tough times that each of us had. I am forever grateful we had each other. She text me when I was about 7 weeks pregnant announcing her own pregnancy and happily revealed that she was due 7/17/13. I could hardly believe my eyes when I read it. I had no idea they were even trying to have children, and I am sure she was in the same boat. The odds are so extremely slim it seems to me that it is impossible to even TRY to time two pregnancies at the exact same time. So many factors, it's hard to fathom even trying. I am starring at a text from a very close friend and we are due the EXACT SAME DATE. What!!???? I could hardly get in touch with her fast enough and I revealed my news too! I really enjoyed going through pregnancy and being a first time mom with a close friend. We lived far apart, but we talked often and shared many pictures and stories, difficulties, and proud moments. It has been such a neat thing to share. Well, we moved to Las Vegas, MUCH closer to my friend and her in-laws happen to live here too. So...FINALLY, we were able to meet up. The little pen pales met, and we got to catch up! We have since gotten together a few times as they visit. They invited us over for their Easter dinner and festivities. These girls though, I just can't believe we had babies at the same time. Avery came a little early and Tess came a little late, but they are only 9 days apart. These pictures are the first time they met!

Tess was all excited and popped Avery's bubble right away, Avery is a laid back little girl and put up with it just great. She is such a beautiful little girl, the pictures just don't do her justice. 

Playing with bubbles! Look at these two cuties. They are opposties as far as skin, hair, and eye color goes! Tess also looks like a giant!

I looked forward so much to meeting this little girl. She is such a sweetie. 

Tess getting in her bubble again! 

Avery is such a good little eater, she was chowing on some snacks. I wish she could be around Tess more, maybe Tess would give into social pressure and eat herself! Then we could wean in the near future! 

Easter morning, I had big plans for this little girl. I bought her a basket and other such items before she was even born! That morning, I failed. It was just too much for with the move. It's funny, before I had a child, I prided myself on being great at getting things done. Things I wanted to get done anyway. I can remember working full time, being a full time student, being busy with church callings, and still being the only one at my apartment to clean the WHOLE place AND cook. I always took on a lot. I felt, when I am a stay at home mom I am going to do this, this, and this. I think Heavenly Father either took my ability away or I was dreaming.

 I really struggle just to get even the bare necessities done. As in waking up, getting ready, and keeping the house somewhat clean. I miss bills, deadlines, etc. It's so discouraging and I often just give up and do nothing. My attitude, if I can't get it all done, I'll do nothing. I know part of it has to do with postpartum hormanal changes that seem to change you and make you feel...well, depressed frankly. I don't have the full fledged post partum depression but I definitely haven't "bounced" back to feeling like my normal self. Although, I feel splurges here and there! The other part is remembering to continually involve God in my life and ask for his help frequently. Somehow, this is one thing that hasn't gotten done lately. I always sought God in my life but I have never had the feeling that I needed Him to just finish my to do list. Well, I was sorely wrong. And since I haven't been seeking Him, I can tell. I do need Him, and although I have felt incredibly pathetic with my continual inability to accomplish what I need to, when I have made that a days are so much better.

So, on with Easter. I laid in bed feeling overly tired with night time wakings and the unpacking and I didn't follow up on anything to make Easter speical for this little girl. I feel so bad. Greg came through and played with her and put together her basket. He also took some pictures as I laid on my pillow!

Some action pics I guess! 

Happy Easter my perfect little one! Next year, mom is going to make it super special! 

My basket from Greg! Thanks sweetheart! I'll have to share...I didn't get you one. :(

The damage after a few minutes! 

After church, we headed to Kellie's in-laws. They have such a beautiful home and they were so kind to us! They even had a basket for Tess! It was such a lovely afternoon. 

The girls with their bunny ears! 

Playing with her dad, Brian. It was so cute. 

First toe nail job, not too pretty! And she is loving the stairs we have at home now!! 

Well, that's all for today. :)

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