Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drum roll please....

Can't wait to meet baby bean #2 early March of 2015!!!!!!'s a BOY!!

I am a little bummed that the ultrasound at the clinic here in Nevada is so limited. We had so many pictures of Tess! I am going to try and find a sonography program here in Vegas and see if I can volunteer and get more pictures of this little guy. I want to see the spine, full body with the legs and not just the but or the profile, I want to...just see more. A LOT MORE! More angles please! I am due, according to an early ultrasound, March 5th. I guess that is more accurate then my LMP date. Which would have given us the due date March 13th. But, I had a feeling before they told me that, that this guy is going to come a little early. 

I got teary eyed with this ultrasound just like I did with Tess. I still worry just like I did with Tess. I am starting to feel him move, and it is my favorite thing in the world. Today, I have felt him move more then any day yet. It's so reassuring to feel him move. He seems to move much differently then Tess did. It seems like Tess would get some sort of "tick" and just kick, kick, kick in one area. It felt like I had a relentless muscle twitch. With him, who is not yet named, he seems to roll around more. Or just jab, so Greg hasn't felt him move since it is kind of here and there. Hopefully he will soon though. We have a whole list of names, no front runners! We plan to narrow it down to just a couple and probably will end up deciding once we meet the little angel. I can't wait! I may not keep a good house, have hot dinners ready every night, and can't keep my marbles straight, but by golly I am seriously in love with this little guy and I can't wait for him to get here and help us move along in life! His arrival is *HIGHLY* anticipated and I think he and Tess will be best buds. 

UPDATE: Minutes after I published this post, Greg felt him move for the first time!!! 

We annouced that we were expecting to family the 2nd week in August. We took these pictures and sent it to all family members:

Here are just some facts and thoughts I have written down on my phone:

Positive test and surprised Greg 7/7
Celebrated at Jason's Deli and bought a new towel from Carter's on 7/7
8/18-first appointment!
8/19- Tess has suddenly become interested in my belly and belly button. I can't think this is a coincidence! She tries pulling up my shirt to see it.
8/25- We got to see bean #2 today. They do 3 ultrasounds during pregnancy at this office. Not sure I like the extra cost but I love the ultrasound! It was truly amazing to see Tess's reaction. She has seen a TV screen or computer screen on so many times, never-EVER has she gotten excited. As soon as you could see the baby on screen she freaked out! Waving her arms like crazy and going "ooo ooo ooo" and she never stopped till the tech moved on to measure all the boring stuff like the ovaries. It was amazing!! She knew exactly what and who  we were looking at. I'll never forget it.
9/19- 2nd apt today!! I'm still getting sick with nausea and vomiting. Although, now I have times where I feel good. I hope I reach a point when I feel good always.
9/24- I've had the BEST day yet! More energy and no stomach issues!
9/25-felt little one move today for the first time!!!! Sitting in the driveway texting weekend plans to a friend. :)
10/13-ultrasound day, spread the news via text:
"The ultrasound was a success!! Baby looks great! The girls are no longer the majority at our house...we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I definitely teared up, loved seeing him and the sonographer said he looks great!!!!! :)

10/22-Greg felt movement 1st time
10/27-me feeling good was the medicine, now, when I stop taking it I feel horribly nauseated and vomit. I even had a bad day two days ago and had to take extra. I'm not excited to be taking meds, but I'm glad I feel better. They just make me sleepy. I now stress all the time about this little guys movement. I so want him to get here healthy and happy. If I don't feel him move for a while I stress out! He seems to know and moves when I am getting most worried. I know he isn't big enough yet to feel all the time, but I can't help but worry!!! Right now, I'm snuggling Tess during her nap, unable to sleep in the rocking chair but I don't want to put her down. Little baby boy inside is moving like crazy and little miss is sleeping in my arms and I can't stop smiling! The house is a wreck, laundry is piling up-literally-, and dinner needs to be started but this is just too nice. Enjoying my two little ones! I am so in love!!!
11/5-Little boy moves a lot! Even at this stage, 23 weeks, today I am feeling him move more and more. I just love feeling him move!
11/17- stopped taking meds, so far so good. I get nauseated easier and I'm not sleeping well at night. I'll see if it gets any better! :)

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