Sunday, June 1, 2014

Flashback: 2013 Holiday Season!

Is this shameful or what?! I am posting this about 6 months late! Yikes! I am loving looking back at all these memories though. Tess has grown so quickly! It amazes me. Yes, birth and pregnancy is a miracle and captured my full attention and awe. Equally so, her little personality, growth, and quick learning have just increased my attention and awe...didn't know it was possible!
She used to LOVE getting her diaper changed. Now, it is a full war between mommy trying to distract Tess with a toy and Tess hating being on her back and not go, go, going!

One of the many times we saw Paige reading her scriptures and writing in her journal. She is going to inspire many on her mission! Can't wait to see where she will be headed. 

My mom's tree is always decorated so beautifully! 

More beautiful decorations! 

Tess is quit popular! It is so fun to see everybody enjoy her so much! It is one of the many joys of being a mom. I am grateful for the full love and support of both of our families. We feel so much happiness because of the love we enjoy with our families. Family truly is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

More of my mother's fabulous favorite is her nativity. 

What we seem to enjoy a lot! Movies, what else!? Right? It's never a question if we will watch movies, it's WHAT movie will we watch?

This grandpa is a true baby hog! He cannot get enough of this little girl and they are always found playing together. Walking outside, crawling around together, playing the guitar, playing the piano, and my dad's favorite...eating ice cream. When I went in for her 9 month check up, my dad wanted me to ask the doctor if it was okay if he gave her ice cream. The doctor's answer was a resounding "yes" with a big smile on her face. I guess that is not the first time she answered that question. I almost told a little white lie and shared my own answer to that question. But, Tess will see my dad only so dad absolutely LOVES sharing it with her! I hate raining on their fun and their parade, and I cannot muster the feeling that it really is that bad for her to have a little ice cream (and other candy and junk food) with her grandpa when we come to visit. I haven't rolled over and let them do whatever, but generally, I let my dad have some fun with his little granddaughter that he adores!
Greg's 29th birthday! And it was fun, he had mint brownies and ice cream as his requested dessert. He had pork burritos for dinner. This guy is so easy to please! He is one of my heroes and my greatest friend. He deserves a big reward for putting up with me, seriously. He is so easy to live with, so fun to live with, and one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. Have I mentioned he is easy going? A peacemaker mixed with easy going, adventure seeking, hard working, funny, and teachable. I have said it many times to his parents and mine, Greg is the reason we are so happily married. I am so lucky!

Uh, I sort of remember what we got him. He got a pair of Sperry's, to replace to ones he lost on our trip to Maine. He was so bummed about that. He got a pair of nice work shoes as well. My parents got his bike fixed! And...nothing else comes to mind. That's not very important anyway.
The happy couple opened their gifts before heading to Boston for Christmas! 

I just feel so lucky!!!!! She is so much fun. (AND A LOT OF WORK. But, I imagine being a mom is looking back and never remembering all the work, it's these moments that make your heart run over with happiness.)

She had graced us with her giggle a few times and held out for MONTHS. Thanksgiving time she decided to give it back! Oh boy, here she, I love nothing more then to hear this full belly giggle from my girl. She is definitely ticklish and it is a for sure giggle! Along with several other things with new ones surprising us all the time.
Greg and I got to be in charge of Christmas Eve dinner and we have decided to make it a tradition. What we served anyway. We are going to serve homemade soups, bread, and sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. (We did a different FABULOUS dessert that is my personal favorite, but sugar cookies just seem more festive. We shall see.) We literally just made a list recently of all holidays and listed traditions we would like to keep or add. It will probably change, but I can't tell you how fun it was to start creating and planning for how we would make holidays special. We also made other traditions, like cookies on Sunday night. Yep, cookies!!!!! We just started tonight. Every Sunday evening will be a cookies and milk kind of night. It'll be something to look forward to and I am going to need a break from trying to eat healthy. And as for tonight? Success! Good ol' chocolate chip with our favorite recipe and we added in peanut butter chips as well for a little flare.

My parents have always made the holidays special, they've spoiled us, created their own traditions that have made the fondest of memories in my little mind. Trevor and I wanted to reverse the kindness...we got them pajamas to open on Christmas Eve, complete with the little star on the gift tag like my mom used to do! We also got them stockings with some fun stuff inside, they were surprised and I think they may have enjoyed it. Of course, we got the pajama picture, just like they used to have us do!

My cuties. Looking at this now, I can't actually remember when she used to just sit there. She is such a busy little girl. She runs circles around the house! Well crawls, but not for long! 

All these little pictures...they are from around Thanksgiving...... I just think it is crazy how fast she has grown. In only a few weeks she will be one, I can hardly believe it!

Having a starring contest with Uncle Trey, I wonder who won???

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