Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Wedding, Sunshine, Parks. and a BATH of course!

I need to give Molly and Trey's wedding some more time. This will be a synapse and I am going to post my favorite professional pics later. These are some that Greg took! I have an obsession with decorating tips, cakes, and cupcakes. I really want to learn how to do it REALLY well. Until then...this is what I do. Pretend! It turns out pretty good. I made several different kinds of cupcakes, cake pops, their favorite kind of cookies, and a 3 layer cake to go on top of the cupcake tower. I had fun! (Except for the 2 am late night right before the clean and finish stuff up!) But, I couldn't be happier for the beautiful couple!

Trey's favorite: Chocolate Chip. We made them BIG. To make them look like they were not homemade! 

The top of the cake, I thought it turned out great. Had I known better, I would've spent thirty extra cents to get a better cardboard bottom, but I didn't realize it would show until it was too late and no more time! There I am in the grey sweater in the background talking to Tamara Houghton about...BAKING. She is an extraordinary baker and seems to have a love for it like I do!

At this point in the day, Tess was pretty much tired of commotion and meeting new people. That's saying a lot. She loves people and commotion. All day with no real nap is just too much for a 9 month old little girl!

I want to know what everybody was laughing about!!!!

The bride and groom had simple taste! They wanted an ice cream cake to cut! I got to pick it out, so it was a surprise for them.

Leaving in their car! 

BLAST OFF! So funny. 

You know, you wouldn't think eating is a big deal until you have a little baby and discover that you have to introduce them to it! This has, as I have mentioned before, has been a big deal for us. Tess hasn't taken to solid foods quickly, at least not in the way we wanted. Hated baby food and anything that might resemble her eating baby food, including dishes and silverware. So, we put the baby food away for good and put up the baby spoons too! We let her eat some of our food when she showed interest and added from there. Now, she eats at each meal, a snack with me, and throughout the day. Now, that is A LOT. But, she eats very little. She mostly checks her food out, tastes it a little, swallows a little and spits a lot out. When we first go her the high chair, I would put food on her tray. I give some for her to feed herself with and I give her some on a spoon or fork. I thought, WOW! She is eating like a champ....until we took the tray off to take her out. We discover 90% of her food in her lap. Some days she eats really well, some days she doesn't. We are just trying to give her chances to try it and let her decide what to do. By the way, she never spits something sweet out!

Tess and I visit a park at least once a day right now. She LOVES it. Especially when there are other kids around. She LOVES to follow them and shows no personal bubble whatsoever! She goes right up and checks them out. This girl loves people! I have to laugh about this, she follows me all around the house and constantly loves and wants attention and play time WITH mom...not on her own. When we get out of the house, it's good bye mom! Who is that by the way? She crawls as fast as she can to get away and see what she can see. She also does some pretty strong back bends and front dives to get out of my arms so she can do her own thing!

Looking at and posting all these pictures for our family journal to be printed seems to be a bit much. I just cannot decide which ones I like the best! So, all of them! I want all of them!!!

She is turning into a pro at standing and wants to do it constantly!

Trying to touch the camera, love that look on her face. 

She has this very look when she is on the move....checking things out that she is really liking to looks of! It's her look of interest! 

Not now mom, I'm playing! 

Bath time!!! Greg took some fun pictures of her having a good ol' time in the bath. This girl LOVES water! 

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