Monday, May 26, 2014

iPhone Pictures

I have a wide variety of pictures from my iPhone I have never included on this family blog. I love so many of them. Most of them I took to share with family and friends who like to stay updated with our lives. Many bring great memories, it's hard to beat a camera that fits in your back pocket. Thus, it is always around to snap a picture whenever needed!

 When she was rocking and thinking about crawling! I was so anxious for her to start crawling. It was fun to see her rock and get there little by little. Now, she is starting to traverse across furniture and crawls and climbs so many places! 

 Another day in the basket, she is giving me a fake smile here. Ha ha. I would push her around like I've written about. In this picture, we are getting close to the time when I would have to stop. She started pulling up and the basket would fall over. I always had a blanket by her and so it never hurt her but I soon stopped!
 Her first Valentine's Day gift! And Grandma Bluemel was the source. I was getting my haircut, and I needed my mom to watch her while I went since Greg was working quit a bit at the time. I dropped her off at my mom's classroom and we went early so we could spend some time with her before I left the two to have some fun. She ripped the tissue right out and waved it around! It was so cute, definitely excited to get the gift from grandma.
 We made a journey to Lyman, Wyoming to see Edna Wall's 100th birthday! She is Tess's great, great,  great aunt! Isn't that neat. I know there was a generation picture, but I do not have it myself. I need to get my hands on it. What a neat lady she is and it was fun to hear my grandmother sing and talk about her aunt who she has always been so close to. She takes such good care of her, taking her on vacations, helping her out at home, and visiting her often while including her in many get togethers.
 This girl doesn't get much food in her stomach but she sure does like to play in it! 
 Okay, I don't know how these pictures get all jumbled but I won't go through the pains of correcting them. I really want to get this family blog caught up! Here she is waving the tissue paper from her Valentine's Day gift!
 We went for a walk on a cold day, I bundled her up really well. I wanted to take some pictures of her with my good camera in the snow with her owl hat on. But much to my annoyance, after we were already 15 minutes from our apartment, I set her out to take pictures and I forgot to put the SD card back in after importing pictures onto the computer! GRRR! So, I took a few with my phone. She wanted to touch the snow so much. I had to let her touch it, she wasn't too fond of it! little buddy. My pal and my company each and every day...even most nights we spend a little time together, at least once. She means the world to me. 
 She loves to bounce! Even now, as I am writing this she is over 10 months old and she still loves to get in it briefly here and there. 
 First time in the pool!!

 Cutie pie. When she would lay on her back without frantically getting up and getting on her way to do something besides sit or lay still! 
 In our bathroom at the apartment in Greeley, CO. This kept her entertained while I was showering. She still likes this walker and is much more efficient and on the highest height. She speeds around in this thing, I can see why they could be dangerous! 
 We ordered her bouncer online and it seemed to take forever to come! We were excited because we waited too long to buy it. She probably could have enjoyed it for at least two months before we even thought to buy it. I sent the picture below and above to Greg to surprise him. I HATE putting things together, but I was too excited to delegate this to our designated and talented assembly man! Greg was impressed and probably glad I finally tackled an assembly job.

 One of the few times we went to go watch Paige in the pep band at the Fossil Ridge HS boys basketball game. The coke bottles became a favorite toy of hers.
 One of a few times I lay down with Tess and snuggle with her while she sleeps and doze off myself! Usually this time is critical to get stuff done. But, don't have the energy to get stuff done!
 Hanging out in the walker again, this time in the kitchen. It's always takes some trick and distraction in order to get some things done while she was awake. Tess is a people person and loves to interact. 
 The owl hat again! 
 A selfie we took and sent to Greg while he was at work. I wish it was more of her then me! She has the cutest little smile in this picture. 
 She just looks so cute when she is sleeping...
 We would sometimes take pictures and send them to Greg just to say hi! Here we are again...
 Her first time riding on top in the grocery cart instead of in her car seat! She loved it! Still does. Although, now, at 10 months she only lasts a little while then she is ready to get out. And me holding her just won't due! She wants to get around on her own and check everything out. 
 Taking the trash out, sending yet another pic to dad to let him know we miss him! 
 Going for a walk in the stroller at Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel's. 

 My parents are always playing the piano and my dad, the guitar for and with her. They let her try it out too!
 Wonderful Uncle Trevor. There aren't a lot of people who can make this girl laugh like her Uncle Trevor. They are definitely good buddies. 

 More sleeping and more walks! 

 I tried a pillow at one time, thinking it may help her sleep better during her naps. 

 In an outfit Grandma Bluemel gave her! 
 Pillow time again, I couldn't leave her because I was afraid it wouldn't be a good idea. After a couple of naps, I stopped. 

 FIRST time sitting up on her own without support! It was short lived, so cute, and very exciting!!!!

 Full body view for our walks! 

 Reading with Uncle Trevor! 
 I snapped this picture when she was crying, it's the only view I had of her too bottom teeth. Her first teeth!

 Her and Uncle Trevor read for a while that day. I love her little hand on his. So cute. 

 Visiting Grandpa at work! 
 I found a terrific deal on diapers! So, I bought a bunch of them! She is still using these diapers several months later.

 Photo I sent to Molly and Trey showing off the cute outfit they gave Tess. It's still one of my favorite dresses. 

 Enjoying a book by herself! 

I had to take a picture of the top of our blog when we created it for our wedding. I customized this topper and loved it. 
 At Serious Texas BBQ, enjoying her first rib! 
 Right before we were headed out to Las Vegas to look for a house! I still laugh about a lady who asked us her name, I told her and she said. "Mmm...Tess, that is a funny name for a boy." Now, she wasn't wearing the bow but she had this pink jacket and a purple blanket in my hand while I was holding her. So funny! That is because she is a GIRL. 

 In the hotel in Vegas while we are looking for a house. This is the first time I actually tired doing her hair and putting product in it. I thought she looked so darn cute! She is such a beauty! 

 Just me obsessing over her efforts to crawl again! 

 She would always try to impress me with a roll over! 

 Go Tess! 

 She was also always doing this downward dog, this girl has core! She does a bear crawl often too! 

 This is false advertisement, some of these were taken with the real camera and not the iPhone. It's too late though, they are already on and go with the flow!

 Perfect form Tess! 

 Also during our trip in Vegas, we were at a Mexican Restaurant and Tess was the star of the place. She was so loud, so cute, and everybody was waving at her, talking to her, and watching her. She was little miss popular. It happens where ever we go, but this was particularly grand. She was completely hamming it up and being so fun and talkative!
 Doing some site seeing after dinner on the strip. We haven't gone back since and will be hard pressed to find a reason to go back. The strip is not appealing to us at all. We don't gamble, we don't spend $2000 on a wallet, and we don't spend $100 per plate on any meal we have ever eaten or will eat. What could we possibly enjoy on the strip? We found out not much. It's kind of fun to see the really fancy set up and buildings. But, the fun is short lived. 
 I took this picture when we were having a really tough day. Greg and I were. We had several pieces of surprising bad news that morning only and both of us felt overwhelmed, helpless, and discouraged. I put her down for her morning nap and it brought everything into perspective. It all turned out great and each surprise turned out to be not as bad as we had suspected. I think back to how overwhelmed I felt that day and it seems like such a small matter.
 The top picture was a result of the bottom picture! This girl has had some epic blow outs, and she never goes down the leg, it goes all the way up her back!

 A lunch visit from Grandpa. We loved it when he called us and wanted to know what we were doing for lunch! This time we were at Texas Roadhouse. This little girl has the best grandparents. She is one lucky girl.

 Her and Grandpa are especially close buddies...I wonder why. Could it be the sugar? :) 

 I bought this really cute Easter stuff before she was even born! I got a great deal on it after Easter the year before and had been looking forward to using it for so long. I didn't even end up doing any of my plans. With the wedding and the move, I just put it on the back burner because there were so many other things going on. I justified that she wasn't old enough. I still agree with that but I wish I had started some family traditions to make this holiday special. I will not be missing this chance next year! I'd like to make sure and focus on Christ and celebrating his resurrection with special meals, reading, family time, and acts of service to our neighbors, friends, or family. Next year we will begin! 

 She only did this for a short time but she was not a happy camper when she worked herself into this position. It happened when she was able to scoot forward before she learned to crawl. She'd back herself into this position. 
 Getting her core on! Now, these ones are from the iPhone. Can you tell the difference? 

 Sleeping beauty. 
 She got a high chair when she was about 8 months. We are a little slow getting all the baby stuff but here she is trying out strawberries and black beans! 

 Trying on the headband I made for Molly and Trey's wedding. What a cute smile! 

 The website showing our house was SOLD! :) I sent this out to family to share the news! 

 Some more eating...I mean playing! 

 Dad got Tess ready, we always laugh but it happens here and there. Baby clothes have buttons in the back a lot. So, he usually puts them in the back. This is one of the times it made me laugh so hard! The picture doesn't do it justice. It was such a hoot. He did her hair too, which this picture also doesn't justify. A nice little comb over with a spike on the side! We love it when dad is in charge of getting ready. 
 First time she was ever was not fun at all! 
 Discovering fun drawers at Grandmas! She claims she intentionally put this drawer there because it was perfect for her! Well, she loves it! 

 Good morning beautiful! She is always so happy in the morning. 

 I took this picture because  you can see more teeth coming in. Now, they are in and beautiful! 

 The week before Trey and Molly got married, Tess and I stayed at my parents house. They were in Hawaii and so we spent time with my Aunt Lori. We had so much fun with her! Tess loves Lori. We did a ton of cleaning for the reception that would be held at the house. She also took us out to lunch and had us over for pizza and a movie. We loved hanging out with her while everybody was gone. 

 Out to lunch! 

 General Conference! 
 The blanket I made Molly and Trey for their wedding gift. I thought it turned out so nice. 

 Trey and Molly's pre-wedding dinner! It was at Biagi's and it was such a fun night. I am smitten by our little family. 
 On the plane to live in Vegas! She was knocked out! 
 All the luggage we checked! It was so embarrassing, but Greg was our muscle man! 
 One of my new favorite things!!! I got a bike! YES! The first bike I've had in so long. I've wanted one for years. We got a cheapie from Wal-Mart and I love it. It's a hybrid with thin tires, some gears, but comfy like cruisers. Angie gave us their bike trailer and how fun! We are so excited to have it. We both have helmets now and she hates her helmet but we are working on it....

 At one of the many parks close to our house. She LOVES being outside and we have had many fun times at the park already.

 Ha ha...trying to get her hat off! 

 Loving being like a big girl eating outside of her high chair. 
 First time having her toe nails painted! It was a little rough....
 A pro at the stairs now! Going down is still in the works...

 This girls LOVES her bath! And she loves her rubber ducky!!!! 

 At Trey and Molly's wedding. 
 I have started having her eat all her meals and snacks with us. She eats when I eat. I at least offer her something. It starts out with a tray full of stuff. I look at the tray and think, wow, you are eating so good! When I remove the tray, I see this....
 This picture doesn't do it justice....all of her food is literally in her lab and in her chair. So funny. She is doing mostly sampling, feeling, and testing. I feed her while she does it to make sure she does eat something but this girl cracks me up. I'll judge her progress by what ends up in her lap!
 Riding in comfort! 
 One of her favorite "toys" is her tooth brush! 
 This girl LOVES bubbles and used to be a guaranteed laugh. Not anymore, but she still really enjoys them. We got her a bubble machine and it makes for some cute smiles and hand motions! She is getting better about popping the bubbles, she gets quit a few. 

 So dark, but she is going after them! 
 FIRST piggy tail! 

 Greg and I haul this play pen with us when we go climbing and Tess is happy for about 30 minutes and then she wants out to explore.

 She is so happy to get out and crawl around. Instant happiness from a screaming cry! Note: She is safe in all of these pictures even if you can't see Greg right by her. :)

 Eating kettle corn with dad. She likes it as much as he does! 
 Going to story time! 

 The cupcake tower and cake top that I did for Molly and Trey's reception! 
 She was super excited after her bath when Grammy and Grampy were visiting! 

 On the train ride at Springs Preserve with Grammy. It was such a waste of money!!!! But, it was fun to take a picture on it anyway. 

 Snuggling with Grampy! 
 Waiting outside the temple while Grampy, Grammy, and Greg are in the temple. We had fun waiting for Mom's turn to go inside.

 Doing what she loves, exploring! 

 Going swimming again! 
 On our way, water in hand for a hot day! 

 Pool side! 

 Did we get the sunscreen rubbed in? 
 At the park by our house in our HOA. She is so good at these slides! She climbs up to the top, and goes down super excited! She is enjoying the parks more and more and getting more and more brave. Scary for mom! I have to watch this girl close. 

 Headed to another park...on another day! What a cutie!!!!

Going through these puts such a smile on my face. So many fun times and good memories. I love our little family.

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