Monday, May 26, 2014

Viva Las Vegas Part 2- Inside Our Home

Okay, we feel like kings, we just bought our first home and we love it! We even have a fixed automatic ice maker complete with a water dispenser along side it. There is something about that fresh, easy, access to ice water that makes me feel like a real grown up paying a mortgage each month! Call me crazy, it's how I feel! We love the house! Here are pictures of every inside corner:

 Going from the garage into the house.
 Our TWO car garage, but not our truck! We took these with the inspector there and that is his truck. We looked at a lot of one car garage homes and so we are excited to have more room.
 And jumping from the kitchen and garage to the view coming down at the top of the stairs.

 This is the loft area with the opening to the master bedroom and the stairs to the right.
 I like all the windows!
 Bedroom #2, and will be a spare for now!

 Looking out the window to our neighbors, of which we have many since we are all so close!
 Window in the loft area....

 One of the bathrooms.
 Grg and Tess in that same bedroom.

 She is excited about the house too!

 Tess's bedroom.
 Above: her closet and door. Below: going into her bedroom.

 Second only to the ice/water dispenser in the fridge, having a washer and dryer is truly luxurious!
 Looking from the loft area, looking to the pod area that has the two extra bedrooms, bathroom, and washer and dryer "closet."
 Master bedroom, and we have a cute little balcony.
 Our view, if it weren't for those rare clouds you see in Vegas, we live close to the mountains and there is a nice view!

 Master Bathroom views

 Our closet, we split sides and agreed that each of use could use our side however we want! It's nice and big.

 More views! Probably not too exciting but I think it'll be fun for memories and showing our kiddos in the future.
Dining room and kitchen areas. 

Our Harry Potter room!

View from living room to dining room...could I have taken any more pictures?

And there you have it! Our first home, and we couldn't be more excited!

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  1. Beautiful home! I am so happy for you guys. You really are officially all grown up now!