Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Day to Day

This post is just random pictures, me trying to capture moments, and then I think all of them capture something I love so I post them all! Someday, we will save up for a nice camera! Until you go! 

Little Miss Wiggly, she never stops wiggling! Kicking her legs, waving her arms around. If you can flip through these pictures fast, it's a great effect. 

I had gotten home from clinicals and this is my favorite, I feed her and she falls sleep on me. It's heaven. I love baby snuggles.
Greg gets his turn when he gets home from work shortly after...

She likes to stand up!

Swing time!!!!

All snuggled up, going to Angie's! 

She rolled over from from front to back the other day, on 11/1/13 to be exact. I won't pretend I am not the nerdy newbie mom I am, I keep track of almost EVERYTHING, at least everything I can think of.  She is definitely trying to roll from back to front too but isn't there yet. She rolls onto her side, kicks her feet, and turns her head into the ground. It's so fun to see her grow and learn how to do new things.

She still loves this toy. She likes to lift her feet up, she stretches them out and kicks the toys hanging down on her way to slam her legs to the ground. She really gets the toy moving too! She likes to talk and coo while she does it. I really enjoy watching her do this. She has been doing that for a few weeks now. 

Checking herself out in the mirror, this is almost a guaranteed smile....just have her look at herself in the mirror.
Ready for church!
This girl is so happy in the morning! Also, a guaranteed smile. 

Cooing and smiling big at dad! 

Heading out....
excited about it too! 
Hanging out....I realize that there aren't many pictures of me, so she won't hardly know what I looked like as a young mother. So, I had to take a picture of us together. I have a hard time being serious though...

We are reading to her quit a bit, and she LOVES it. She will sit through pretty long books. Some days it keeps her more occupied then others. 
Bath time, this girl LOVES her baths! 

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