Sunday, November 3, 2013

On Mom's Days Off...

I've created a bad habit for myself. But, it is my favorite bad habit! Every Thursday prior to a big exam, I play hookie at school and I enjoy a day with Tess while I literally CRAM from the test on the following morning. It has worked out really well and has turned out to be my favorite day. I don't dread exams near as much! I just took exam #3 and I only have 3 more. This semester is flying by! Thank goodness. I surely miss this little gal when I am at school so much. I only have a few more weeks of clinicals, then I only have lecture the last 2 1/2 weeks of school. I am so excited to be spending a lot more time with her after this semester.
Grandma Bluemel gave us this beautiful outfit! I just love it. 

Hello Mom, why are you interrupting my tummy workout with some more pictures!? 

Checking out her doll from Paige, I think they will be good pals soon. She loves to hold on to her. 

More mirrors! 

She naps, I study, she plays, I study, she feeds, I study. And then...I take a break and we play for a while! 
Biggest blow out of the century. She did this while wearing the outfit from above. I went to change her, I had to get a picture though. This was impressive. Totally lost my confidence in target brand diapers. I went to change her within a few short minutes of this and it had gotten everywhere! 

So, after that, she needed a bath for sure! I think she did it on purpose. Look at that smile, she was so happy to have a second bath in ONE day. I love giving her baths too. She is so animated and cute when she gets her baths. 

Finishing up some studying in our PJs! 
Another hookie day...she slept SO much this day. So, I took pictures of her sleeping. 

I would feed her and she'd fall asleep. After the third feeding, I was thinking, surely she will be up for a while now. Nope...
Greg thinks this is her "blue steal" look. So funny. 
More snuggles. I am sure it is different with more kids, hard to have time like this to just let them snuggle while they sleep. So, I am going to enjoy this as much as I can while I can! 

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