Sunday, November 3, 2013

My First Halloween

I have decided, maybe this is still the nerdy new mom in me, but halloween is a day I will really look forward to in the many years to come! What a fun holiday with kids! Of course we didn't do anything this year with trick or treating or costumes but in a few years I am excited to! Who has a better imagination then a child! Nobody! What a fun night for a child to dress up as their favorite character and go collect some sweets! Plus, I remember loving my costumes for years to come. My friends and I had to battle over who got to wear my snow white costume my mother made for me! I am thinking its the same with every child, dress up and play in costumes...all year long!
Cute little outfit, hand picked by Grandpa Bluemel. Thanks Grandpa! She wore it several times in October. 

And...another halloween outfit from Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel. So cute. We mixed the two on Halloween.

Halloween leg warmers from Angie! She made them! 
Halloween night!!! 

Which candy do I want to save for next year, when I can enjoy them!?

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