Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Photos!

We had such a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. Everybody was here, including Trey's sweetheart, Molly. Trevor decided he was coming last minute with some special manipulation of his schedule at medical school. We were more then excited to have him here. We had such an amazing day, and week with food, activities, and playing games. Our game of choice, NERTZ. A fun racing card game that spurs a lot of competition and fun. Trey and Molly seem to be the ones that win regardless! We split them up and they still won 1st and 2nd on the teams they were on. It's a really fun game.

On Thanksgiving we had a traditional dinner with every side dish and fixin' you can imagine. We split up all the dishes and everybody helped cook. Unfortunately, it seems my mom still ended up doing a lot more then anybody else. Maybe we will be able to fix that better in the future! Greg and I were in charge of a green/fruit salad, pies, and green beans. Greg made a pumpkin cheesecake that I literally ate all by myself, with the help of only one other person, Paige! It was so good!

We took some Christmas pictures for my parent's Christmas card. We took advantage of the time and took some pictures of the three of us. Tess is the center of our lives, we love having her in our family. She is growing so fast. We just had her 4 month appointment. She is 15 lbs 11 oz (85% percentile), 26.2 inches long (97% percentile), and 16.6 in head circumphrance (in the 75%). She is wearing mostly 6 month clothing and she is creeping into a couple of 9 month size slightly. She has rolled over from front to back and from back to front. But doesn't do it consistently, she has only done both a few times. As of this Thanksgiving weekend, she can now hold onto toys and shake them as hard as she can. She will reach and grab her toes when she is getting her diaper changed. Her laugh is still emerging, she laughed at both Greg and Trevor. A good belly, cute laugh! But, it's hard to make her laugh still, it seems to happen when she wants it to! She loves her bumbo, loves her jungle gym with toys, and is the happiest baby! She is very smiley and friendly. She does get overwhelmed with lots of people around for long periods of time. But, for the most part she enjoys a crowd. She tried rice cereal the day before thanksgiving. She doesn't like it! I put it with lots of breast milk and she will eat a teaspoon in 3 oz of breast milk. That isn't much, I am hoping to increase it. She has reverted back to the way she slept when she first came home. She not only wakes up frequenlty to eat, she fusses quite a bit in between feedings. I have been wondering if it's that she is hungry, but the rice cereal doesn't seem to help. Actually, the fact that she doesn't like it is the problem! I don't blame her, it doesn't smell to appetizing.

I have loved being with my little girl for the past 5 days. I am dreading having school pick up again. Dreading it! I get teary eyed thinking about it. I have really enjoyed just being a full time mom for the past several days. I can't wait till this is our schedule for good! I love being home with her and it's where I want to be!


 Eating! Tess is really checking out Greg's food! 

 Here is Abby Cook. I invited a woman and her family from our ward to join us. We have become good friends and right now they are living in their RV while they try to sell their home. They have 4 cute little ones, we enjoyed having them with us.

 The newly weds! We had fun playing games with them a couple of nights. 
 A great surprise! Landon, Natalie, and Issac came over to visit! We loved having them. I don't get to see them often and I always enjoy chatting with Natalie.

 Issac is a cute little guy, polite! He is full of energy. I can't wait till Tess can play with him. He is a few years older, but I think they could have fun playing in the future.

 She was playing with my hair! She always does this! So cute. 

 I know these are blurry. But I still like them! This little girl is our world. I am excited to meet more of our children!

 This one is my favorite!

 I take that back! This one is my favorite!

 She loves Greg! 

 Just watch the laugh emerge....

 Then watch the fist go into the mouth....

 And stay in the mouth!


 Maybe one more laugh...

 Okay guys, that's enough! 

 I just adore all these little expressions on Tess's face. Greg and I pretty much look the same in every picture. But her expressions are so cute! 

 Okay, maybe these are my favorite! I love this! 

 That smile...makes me melt! 

 And that look...ahh! 

 Okay, she looks like such a big girl! She is only a week over 4 months here! 

 These didn't turn out 100%. You can't see her eyes, I had to lighten them a lot. I want to figure out how to take this type of photo and get her big beautiful eyes visible! 

 I like this one....but, still wish we could see her eyes better in these. 

Ahh! CUTE. 

The end! 

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  1. Love your family pictures!!! Tess is getting so big! We can't wait to see you guys!