Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marching Band Season

Our last marching band season,  so sad. It has been so much fun to go and watch Paige. They have such a talented band, and they light up the half time show and win all the competitions! We spend most of our Fridays or Saturdays in October coming to competitions and football games to watch them perform. On this particular Friday night, it was Tess, me, Mom, and Dad. Greg was gone to Indiana to pick up our new to us...MINI VAN! Yeah! We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Dodge Caravan. Why you might ask? You only have one little kid! Well, I will tell you. State Farm sells some cars and you can get some great deals  on cars that have been well maintained. Since having Tess and with me in nursing school, we found it necessary to have a 2nd car. Of course, in the meantime, my parents were heroes. They did a lot for us to make the transportation work until we found one and won the bid on it. We didn't want to inconvenience them forever. We finally found one, and Greg strategized for a win on the bid. It took about 3 weeks before we had it too. Now, we are SO glad for the wait. The minivan has me sold! State Farm sells quite a few types of cars after they reach  a certain mileage. The minivans were the cheapest though, and cheap was what we needed! Plus, Greg had a friend in college that had a minivan, he said it was really nice and it was his car of choice no matter what. So, we got one. It has stow away seats, which is one of our favorite parts. Plus, compared to the civic, I feel like it's a little safer for our kiddo. It seems like she is more protected. Anyway, we cheered Paige on while Greg made a LONG drive home. To break it up, he enjoyed an afternoon, evening, and morning with Trevor. They are good buddies, I am glad that somebody went to visit Trevor when they did. He had a grade 3 shoulder separation a few days before and was in a lot of pain and had a hard time using his right arm. 

Also, while Greg was gone...I got a hair cut. I CHOPPED IT. It is a relief. It takes me a few minutes every morning, not the 10-15 minute round brush blow drying I've been doing for years. I don't think I'll ever grow it out again, short hair is too convenient! 
It gets pretty cold outside at these events, so we bundled her up. She was so cute, and seemed to really enjoy watching the band and being at the events.
All bundled up! 
She even gave them a standing ovation! 

State Finals Competition was extra fun this year. Paige's band was back to defend their 1st place title from last year and Trevor made a surprise visit to Paige. Trey and Molly lured Paige away from the house so Greg and I could decorate her room. We got helium balloons in black and green. Greg hung tons of streamers from the sealing. I made a 3 poster board that said, "Good Luck @ State! We love you!" I was pleased with the result. Trevor came in at 8:15 and Mom and Dad pulled in with just enough time to have Trevor run up to her room, have a seat in her moon chair, and to have my dad hiding in the closet with the camera recorder going. Trey and Molly brought Paige home to change into warmer clothes before they headed out to go toilet papering, they came form Wal-Mart where they had bought toilet paper. This was no small task, Paige goes to bed VERY early. From 8-9, and she had an early morning, so at 8:15 she was headed up to bed! Trey coaxed her to go have some fun with him and Molly. When Paige walked into her room, Trevor was just sitting there and said, "hello." Paige exclaimed, "Trevor!" And started to cry. She was so excited, all she did was cry and give Trevor the biggest hug he has ever he claimed. Worth all the hassle of trying to keep the secret from Paige and then trying to get her out to go have some fun when she was determined to go to bed. So much fun, what a good idea Trevor!
Trevor got to spend some good time with Tess too. She was a little off during his short stay. She is such a sweet little, good natured little girl. But, with the hustle and bustle of the competition and the nice but cooler weather, she wasn't herself. I am excited for them to get to know each other a little better when he comes home longer for Christmas.

Trey and Molly got Tess this cute little hat with a set of gloves. Adorable! And so warm, it was perfect for the occasion. 

Thanks Molly and Trey!

Cute picture that Molly got of Trey. He was snuggling her, so cute. Kodak moment! 
Everybody gets to snuggle and keep the babe warm! At this point we switched things up and she had her full body suit on with the hat and gloves. 

Hello there, looking warm! 

After the final performances, the bands line up on the field while a drum line from CSU planes some fun little beats. All the bands have their formation, it looks so neat when they are all lined up. They have the band majors up in front that accept the awards. Paige's band won 1st again!!!

All bundled up, tired, and not happy about getting back into the car seat! 

And I'll end this post with a cheeser grin while she is being held by great-grandpa Bluemel. What a great weekend with everybody visiting and enjoying time together while cheering Paige on. So sad this is over, I truly enjoyed watching Paige and was so proud of how hard she worked and how well she did. I would get a little teary eyed when I saw them play. I am going to have to get my marching band fix some other way, I enjoyed watching them as much as any sport or movie I've been to!

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