Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Tidbits

8 Weeks Old
We bought this little toy, we call it her "tepee." We bought it a long time ago, on the first big baby shopping spree! She LOVES it. She likes to kick her legs up and kick the toys that hang down. It's also a good place to do some tummy time. Although, she doesn't take her tummy time too seriously. She mostly just sucks on her hand. 

 My mom reads to her almost every time we go over there, and has given her many books! Tess really likes to be read to! She looks at the pictures and sits there very content. Hopefully she will always like books. 

 At Young Women on Tuesday night. I have become a sad YW leader, I mostly like to enjoy Tess while I watch. With school keeping me so busy, every minute counts. 

I thought this was too cute. She was playing her own tune. 

9 Weeks Old & 2 MONTHS OLD! 

 Trey is really grossed out by the idea of feeding Tess the milk I pump. We finally talked him into it, but he soon gave the task to my mom. So funny!

 Hanging with Uncle Ben. They came up for her blessing! It was so fun to see them. 
 Checking Dad out. 

 Cute little double chin take. She is little Miss Smiley.
She is our entertainment! We just circle around her. 

10 Weeks Old
 Getting some good snuggles with Grampy. I am going to make a special post entry about her blessing with Anne and Bart's stay. I need to gather the photos though!

 A gift from Stephanie Gasper as a congrats for her blessing day. It is a swaddle blanket, and she loves it! 
Spreading the snuggles around! Cute little smirk. 

11 Weeks Old

 Wearing the PJs that Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel gave her. They are 6 monthers! So, we had to document it of course. She is 2 months old and wearing 6 month clothing!

 Getting WAY too big for her cradle. 

 Pictures that Angie sent me while she was watching her. I love getting these pictures! 

 I still love pictures of her sleeping...her cute cheeks! Every Thursday before a big exam, I treat myself to a "day off" with Tess. I play rookie, I stay home to cram the day before the test and I get to hang out with Tess all day. Each time I have done this, it has been well worth it! I study while she sleeps, study while she she plays a little, etc. It's great, and I am still in nursing school and passing! 

 And while I am home with her, I take a "few" pictures of the cutie. 

 I am just your average milk cow! I thought this was funny. They all have 3+ ounces in it. I was worried at one point that I would never be able to pump enough to have all the milk she needs. Well, the lactation lady was really confident that I would have enough and I just needed to figure out how to get it out. She definitely helped me figure it out! Tess has had plenty of milk, what a blessing, and we have 70+ ounces in the freezer too! We will use that once she starts eating cereal. 
 Out and about! Wearing her coat for the first time, it snowed a little. Didn't stick, but it was her first snow! 

 Trying the full body version out!!! Keeps her toasty when we go on a walk, and when we go to Paige's marching band competitions. She likes those, so do we! SO much fun. And Paige's band is the best in the state so it is especially fun. 
 Going out for a walk, she slept, so I guess she was plenty warm! 

 On our way to Golden, CO for Paige's band competition. 

 Trying to stay warm...and under that hood is...
the cutest little smirk! 
 They performed at like 9:45 pm, so we had to dress up a little warmer. This cute wrap around beanie is still a little big for her. So, it would slip over her eyes. She didn't seem to mind though, she just fell asleep. I thought it was so funny. 
 At my Uncle Eric's and Aunt Sheree's during conference. We had a delicious meal! And, we all kind of zonked out. 
 It's a miracle! My favorite candy in the world is Cadbury eggs...finally!!! We have them for another holiday other then Easter! The "Screme Egg." The yellow part is just green...tastes just as good. 

 Enjoying another book with Grandma! 

 Getting strong! 
Poor little girl. She had some bumps on her head and got stuck a few times because I had a hard time cutting the cord! I love having her sleep next to our bed. I can check on her all the time. Now, starting on 10/18/2013, this little gal enjoys her own room and her own her own room. She was wiggling around and proving over and over that her cradle was just getting too small. She has slept twice in her crib now and isn't having trouble being bothered by the sides of it...because she never gets to the side! I am happy because I can still be over protective and check on her with the video monitor whenever I want! 


  1. She is too cute! I used to love Little Critters books growing up. My little girl doesn't appreciate them the same, but I still read them to her, just because =)

  2. Very cute pictures of Tess! I love the little smirks. I also adore the cadbury eggs!