Monday, September 2, 2013

Toes, Bows, and...Some other stuff too!

Okay, this is my 4th LONG post today. I am trying to get caught up so I don't forget things. I need to do some actual journaling now, but for now, here are MORE PICTURES.
Ahhh! Going over these pictures has been such a good experience, so many good memories. I've been in perma smile all day. It is amazing how much she has grown in just SIX WEEKS. This little beauty is growing WAY TOO FAST. Wow! I am starting again, from the beginning and throwing in random pictures I have taken mostly with my phone.
 Comfy pjs from Grammy Sloat.

 She has the longest, cutest toes! The top picture of them is what she does while she is eating. She crosses her ankles and flares her toes. Awe! So cute.
 Another view!
Our announcement on facebook. I thought it'd be fun for her to see this one day. Maybe Facbook will be something of the past.
 So small, she fit in premie outfits!

 There are those toes, poking out from Grammy Sloat's pjs while she is eating.

 A lot of fun comments I wanted to keep.
 Hanging out in dad's old pjs again....

 My little buddy.
 Cute little body....

 What I look at when I turn on my phone.
 I get to eat runny eggs!!! So, Greg surprised me with breaskfast in bed!
 Offically two weeks old here and her bow still doesn't fit. But, she was ready for church and we enjoyed family and friends while Trevor was in town.

 Holding up her pacifier all on her own!
 Zonked out on Uncle Trevor's lap.

 Cuddles for both mom and dad!!!

 Sporting clothes from Grandma Bluemel up above and wearing my favorite pajamas below. Circo makes the best pajamas! She is already almost too tall for them!

 On her and I's very first walk together. I love that the bucket seat is turned around, I love to watch her look around and observe everything.
Greg is such a sincere, loving dad! 
 Tummy time blanket that the talent Aunt Anne made for Tess!

 I am documenting my initiation into motherhood in the above three pictures. I ran out of bath time luck and she nailed me a good one! Totally worth it though, as you can tell in the pictures, she was bright eyed and smilie!
 We have been reading to her pretty much every day, here is Greg, I thought it was so cute. She was really checking out those pictures in the book.
 Trying to get into shape, more walking! This pretty much is what she looks like the whole time. Bright eyes! Looking around.
 I both love and hate this picture. I was leaving for school as Greg warmed up milk to feed her. I cried this whole morning, day, and week. I miss her so much when I am away from her. Babies and their moms are not meant to be separated. I think about her constantly when I am away, and I can't wait to see her when I am done. I know she is getting the best care when I am gone. This day, my dad watched her. Greg stayed home one day and watched her, and my cousin Angie has been watching her. They all do better then I do probably, but, I just want to be the one to take care of her and I really can't wait until I get to take care of her all the time like I got to when she was first born. I will be stopping with my LPN and pick up some other time in my life. Right now, I want to take care of my one kiddo and the more that will. Being a nurse, student, and mom is just too much and she is only a little girl once, I want to be there and be the one to teach and nurture her the best I can. 15 more weeks and counting, then we get to be day time pals again!

 The shirt says it all! She is sporting a bow from her Great Aunt Nancy....
Checking herself out in the mirror!

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  1. Cuteness overload! I am glad you saved the FB post and comments. I wonder if I could still go back and do that... I did tweet throughout both my births, which I love, because I have a perfect time line and better recollection of everything after the fact!