Sunday, April 21, 2013

27-28 Baby Bump & Photo Dump

I cannot find these pictures on our blog anywhere! Hopefully I didn't just miss them and now I am posting them twice. This is at the temple for Ben and Amanda's wedding, it was a really wonderful day! I already put up the pictures of their reception and a couple of them coming out, but some how I missed these.
Carolyn and Greg, she is such a great mom and sister. She got a weekend all to herself for Ben and Amanda's wedding! Ryan took care of the kids and held down the fort back in Ohio. This was the 2nd time I really got to be around her, so it was fun not to be the wedding planner and to enjoy all the family that was in town. We had a lot of fun at the wedding festivities and at Aunt Sandy's house.

Greg and I, we had only been married 6 months right here.

Oh Happy Day!

And of course the car decorations! I thought it turned out classy!

Leaving the luncheon.....

Newly married for maybe 3 hours or even less! Introducing, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sloat. 

I want to write a little bit about my experience being pregnant. I wonder if this will even be interesting to this little girl we can't wait to meet. But, I want to journal about it anyway. Right now, I feel really good. My belly isn't big enough to make me too uncomfortable. I can still tie my shoes on the side, I can still sleep on my back without any discomfort, and although clothes aren't fitting and I have to wear all maternity clothes now I don't feel huge yet. My energy has been up to almost normal the last month, and I am having no sickness, light headedness, and no other aches and pains. I get winded a lot easier, I get sore a lot faster, and my nose is stuffy a lot. Sleep is slightly more difficult but not bad, I have mostly comfortable nights and only have an irritated back ache once in a while. I haven't had any round ligament pain and no other pains in my belly area from all the growing. Cross my fingers!  I still have to pee a lot, and I always pee at least once a night. A BIG improvement from the 2-3 times a night that went on for months. I can handle getting up just once! I am really emotional, I can cry on a dime and it makes movies more entertaining for those around me to see me bawl at all the silly stuff. I can't help it! Even the cheesy movies that don't have believable plots make me tear up and bawl. Greg and I have started some P90X and I do some aerobics that I started a few days ago. I am almost to my 3rd trimester and I finally start exercising, go figure! I have way more energy now, I guess I better start using all that nap time. As far as nesting goes, I do have a lot I still want to get done but I have also done quite a bit. As far as cleaning and rearranging I am half way done. I have rearranged the apartment in every area I wanted to, dejunked, reorganized, and have done about half the cleaning. I like this nesting stuff! It makes me feel productive. So, that is me at the 27.5 week mark. We are so excited. I am enjoying the 2nd trimester comfort! The first 4 months were dulled with a lot of cramping, nausea, fatigue, and frequent urination which interrupted my sleep significantly. Lets just say the improvement for the last 2 months has been great, I even came to the conclusion that I would be willing to do this again...several times! I can remember thinking for the first few months...HOW DO WOMEN DO THIS!!??? I am not even the worse off, but this is difficult. Thank goodness for the 2nd trimester!

I am still not very natural at these "belly" pics...but at least it's fun to document what I looked like at each stage. I am excited to compare belly growth with subsequent pregnancies, that will be interesting! 

Awe, Greg wanted to take a picture of his belly too!


  1. You look great Chelsea! I love your dress. Sorry Greg about your spider bites! That stinks. All of your food looks amazing!

  2. You are so funny Chelsea you crack me up! I miss you tons! I love your belly pictures. I can't wait to see what this cute baby of yours will look like!
    What a bummer about the spider bites! MAN, that's crazy! I hate spiders, I'd be so freaked out!

  3. Oh my goodness, you look so cute! I'm excited to see you guys in August. She will love reading about this some day!