Thursday, May 16, 2013

28 Week Ultrasound at LCCC/ Faith Joseph's Wedding

Both of these are uterine blood flow, both a perfect average of 3.1. Yay!

 And the reason we decided to let the students at LCCC practice their sonography skills on us again...3D!
 Her beautiful fingers...
 Her fingers covering her face. They had a really hard time getting a picture of her this time because she had so in the way, her hands, feet, etc. But we got a few glimpses.
 Look at those luscious lips! She got those from Greg for sure!
 This one defines fetal position, her foot is cradling her head in this one.
 Ahhh...I love that face.


Heart rate 149 bpm
 Besides getting to see her face, the best part of the appointment was the position she had her legs in. Greg stands with his ankles crossed, it's hard to replicate because you feel like you are going to fall over! We saw this at the very beginning of the appointment. Her legs were cross, at her ankles, just like Greg does. We laughed so hard! At the end of the appointment, when we were waiting for them to make our disc, Greg was standing with his ankles crossed and all of us had to have another laugh.  In this one, you just see one leg but in the ones below it you can see the ankles crossed.

 Her skull, brain, looking from the top.
 The four chambers of her heart, working perfect like always. Makes me one happy mama!
Blood flow through the umbilical cord.
Always fun to see her face, next time I will get to see her face to face!
The first weekend in May, we traveled to Utah so we could see friends, family, play, and most important get to see a wedding! Faith Joseph and Jason Witt's wedding! She was my second to the last companion during my mission on temple square. She is from Kenya and the biggest hoot! We had so much fun when we were companions. I got to meet up with another companion while there, she was my MTC companion and my very last companion. So, I ended and started my mission with the best companions! I was really lucky to not have a single companion I didn't love. Both Faith and Sandra (MTC companion) are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. We had a really nice time in Utah celebrating their wedding and seeing other family and friends.

 29 1/2 weeks along. Only about two more months to go!
Kind of funny, I wore this dress like a week or so before this wedding. I brought the dress because it is comfortable and it actually fits! I put it on this fine morning and it was a little too small, it worked but, it was definitely tight. Wow! What a difference ten or so days made.
Greg, the photographer! The flowers on Temple Square were breath taking. By far the prettiest time of year and prettiest day to have a wedding.

 How neat! This is her father, she doesn't see him often and this is the first time he ever made it to America to visit. In the sealing room, their embrace was touching. He proceeded to hug her for her entire immediate family. She started to cry, I am sure it was hard to get married without her family there. He is a neat individual and currently serves as the branch president in Kenya.
 Tanner and Sandra
Whoops! Clumsy prego girl knocked the veil off.

All of us were companions with Sister Joseph. The girl on the left was from her "outbound" portion of the TMSQ mission. They served in Pennsylvania together.

The couple that sponsored Faith coming from Kenya and pursuing her education at BYU.


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