Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There is a spider in our midst....

And it likes to bite Greg, only Greg. He must have sweeter blood then me, we sleep in the same bed! I haven't had one bite though...
He always gets bit at night and this was the worst reaction yet. HATE that spider.

 Greg had to get IV drug therapy to fight this infection twice. You can see the infection going up his arm in the second picture. It was worse the morning after he had the IV drugs, so we went back according to the doctor's instructions and they gave him another dose. It got better slowly, but finally got better.


 Both from our first visit to the hospital. I am not a huge fan of ERs, not a lot of "personal" care. Maybe that is just how health care in general is...
Second visit.
Not sure where that darn little thing is. Or if there are several. We have fumigated our apartment, rearranged furniture, gotten ride of furniture, threw away clothes, washed every piece of clothing and bedding, and taken apart and cleaned our bed. NO. SIGNS. OF. A. SPIDER. Come out, come out, where ever you are! This was the 4th time that he had been bitten that it would swell up, be super red, and hot to the touch. With the increased swelling and redness happening so quickly, we decided to see the ER doctor. He said he was surprised that Greg wasn't sicker then he was with the looks of the reaction he was having to the bite. He was diagnosed with cellulitis and lymphgitis. He just got bit again, but it looks like his immune system is taking care of it. I AM GOING TO FIND THAT SPIDER and I won't feel bad killing it. Poor Greg.


  1. That's awful! Poor Greg! I'll help you hunt it down, I hate spiders!

  2. That's so gross about the spider! When my husband and I lived in Utah we had big, nasty spiders in our basement apartment. We bought those glue traps and caught a ton of them, and never saw them again. Maybe if you haven't tried those, put them under your bed? Eww, the idea of it being on you while you sleep... Eeep!