Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Te Amo!!!!

Valentines day was a lot of fun this year! We started early this year and ended the week with an awesome visit from family and a wedding in Manti, Utah.  I hope every year will be this amazing! As Greg often likes to tell me about various things, "keep you expectations low so you won't be disappointed."  That may be hard for me to do in this case! He has set the bar really high.

Greg works at Applebee's in American Fork, Utah while he prepares to apply for and interview for various jobs in the western states. We plan to put in applications in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho. I am looking forward to what might happen this next year, it will be exciting! My little brother Trey is serving with an elder from Las Vegas. His dad is a nominee for principal of the year and gives seminars on education throughout the United States. I see Greg doing something a lot like this. He is really talented and he seems to shine when it comes to teaching and speaking. He has a great passion for teaching and the difference that can be made in the life of a student. Trey gave us the info to contact this father and we are excited to coorespond with him and see if he has any direction for us. For now, this means our schedules are flip flopped! I go to work and school during the day most of the week and he goes to work at night. Valentines day was no different! But...we made up for it!

So, I decided I would suprise him the Saturday before Valentines day. He switched his night shift to a day shift so he and I could go climbing at night. I had to take a test during the day, so the night was our only option! I was able to sneak a heart-shaped Papa Murphy's pizza in the house before he left for work. I bought his favorite bottled root beer, dipped some strawberries in chocolate, and set up some candles. For the past few years, I guess Greg has bought a heart-shaped pizza and ate it all by his lonesome....not this year! He walked in the door around 5:00. I had some romantic music on and the candles lit!

When he walked in, he was really surprised. Who would have thought they'd get a Valentine surprise on a day that wasn't even Valentines day!? I also created a wall "candy-gram" on the ceiling in the bedroom. It went a little something like this:

Just be-TWIX you and me, you are a HOT TOMALE and the SPREE-ason I am so happy NOW AND LATER. I really SKOR-ed by marry you! I wouldn't trade our life together for a 100 GRAND or a million dollar PAY DAY. We have a GOOD-N-PLENTY life together. I love you from here to the MOON PIE and accross the MILKY WAY. My favorite part of the day is when I ROLO-ver and get HUGS & KISSES from my SWEETART.
All-NUTRAGEOUS about you,

Kind of a cheesy silly thing to do but he really humored me and got really excited about it. We really enjoyed a yummy meal and then we went climbing!

We celebrated on Sunday too! We wanted to use a fabulous gift we got for our wedding from Bruce and Sherri. So, we marinated chicken, got some dough, made some salad, roasted potatoes, asparagas, and some carmel corn! And we invited my cousin Megan and her husband over for the fondu party. She is expecting in August and so it was fun to chat about that when they came. We had a feast together with the delicious fried chicken, scones, and other deluctable treats we came up with. I highly recommend gettting some raw dough for any fondu party you may be anticipating! They were delicious with butter, cinnamon, sugar, and honey after coming out of the fondu pot! We watched a movie with the popcorn and felt like we would pop at the end of the night with our eating extravaganza.
Here is teh table set up, we had a buffet on the counter with only our toppings and chicken on the table. I've decided, this picture would be so much better if people were in it!!! Note to self.

Valentines day was amazing! I had to work during the day and Greg had to work at night. He came to my work and brought a delicious lunch from Paradise Bakery. He also brought me a dozen beautiful roses....in a Nalgene Bottle! So, I got a new nalgene bottle and flowers. Loved it! He went to work and he worked fairly late. But when I got home....he captured my candy-gram idea in his own way. He laid out a fun little note on our bed and it went a little something like this:

"I am sorry I have to be at APPLE-bees tonight.   I am not trying to BUTTER you up, but I really think we make a good PEAR. I go BANANAS just thinking about how much I love you! Here is something to keep you warm, entertained, and hydrated tonight! Love, Greggers"
Valentines day....what a fun holiday!!!


  1. It looks like you forgot to type the last sentence in Greg's message :) You guys are awesome.

  2. So fun!! I just love you two together! I'm so glad Greg found you and that you are so happy together! We hope to get to play with you two again soon!