Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's make whoopie!!!!

Not that kind of whoopie....

 This kind...oh yeah! I got this recipe off of, she is a dessert genius!

I figured out that you shouldn't spray the pan much. It makes the whoopie pies go flat!
Now, how about some tequila in your fettuccine!? I need to tell the whole story because we hope to share this as a picture journal with our kids someday. Yep, they are going to think we are so weird! that is okay...
So, when Greg and I were enjoying our honeymoon in Las Vegas, we went to an amazing restaurant that was recommend by the generous family that was letting us basically use their condo for free. It's a pizza fire grill joint. They recommend we get the Tequila Fettuccine Alfredo. I did and Greg got a pizza but he ended up wishing we had ordered the same thing. The pasta dish was the best I had ever had! Just hits you with flavor, Alfredo sauce is amazing anyway but they added some zesty tequila, which I don't know what that tastes like anyway but it tasted good in the pasta, jalapenos, fresh lime juice,  and all three colors of peppers! A truly colorful dish! The pasta was a homemade fresh spinach pasta which, simply put, put this meal way over the top. So, Greg and I decided to try it. Since I didn't feel motivated to make noodles like we have before so many times, we just used store bought noodles. Which tasted good too, but next time, homemade will be a must.
The night before, while Greg was at work, I needed to go buy some tequila. In Utah they sell liquor at state owned stores. I felt so weird going into one of these stores, not because people who drink alcohol are bad even though I don't, but because I just felt out of place! I found it pretty easily and bought the absolute cheapest one I could find. That stuff is expensive! I saw a guy check out ahead of me put almost $300 on his credit card worth of alcohol and he only had a couple of things! I didn't know it could be that expensive. Anyway, I checked out and escaped the joint with my "paper" bag. We tried it on a Sunday, we put too many jalapenos in it, but the dish was a hit! We loved it and will try it again.

Greg doing the dishes....what a guy!

Trevor's fiancee, Celsiee, is in the Utah National Guard! I think that is so neat, I think I have mentioned it before that I had danced with that idea a few times but was never brave enough to dive in. She has to make a trip to Utah once a month for her trainings. So, Trevor brought her up one weekend. Unfortunately, I am new at this camera thing so I keep forgetting to bring it along and this is the only picture I got. But doesn't Trevor look handsome!? We had so much fun with him here. Celsiee had to be at training most of the time so we spend Saturday night handing out. We went to dinner, laser tag, and an arcade. But during the day we had some good quality time with Trevor. We have always been really close, it is so neat to see some great life changing events take place in our lives. Before Trevor even met Greg and I was telling Trev about him, he said, "I think this is it, he is the one." Trevor said that before anybody else did! He has been my buddy through the years, both through the toughest times and the best times. I would turn to him first a lot for advice, for an ear to listen when I was really sad, and to tell about the best news! To me, because we are so close in age, he is like my twin, and he has helped me a great deal throughout the years. From being scared at night (I crawled in his bed EVERY night for years in elementary school, and he slept on the TOP BUNK so sharing was quit a sacrifice for this tall guy) to having some bad news in life, he has been there for me. I think it is so perfect that I found my sweetheart and weeks after, Trevor had discovered his too. I think it was supposed to be like that, it would be hard to be a single woman long when my best buddy, Trevor, was busy with his own personal life to really have time. It's kind of like when two close people die around the same time, they move on to a different phase of life so close together. We have done a similar thing I think, I found mine and shortly after he is moving on with his! Perfect timing...

During our time on Saturday we woke up to a delicious breakfast, I had to study early, so I had already eaten but I hope Trevor liked his HUGE omelet and toast, he ate it all so I think so. I think it is the most beautiful omelet I have ever made, they are so hard for me to flip! After, we headed to the climbing gym and had some serious fun on the walls. Trevor is a natural, he climbed a V2 bouldering (which Greg said he has never seen anybody do-of course, Trevor is good at everything-which can be annoying in board games but who really cares anyway!?) and climbed several 5.9 and 5.10! It was a fun day.


  1. Those whoopie pies look soooo good! Wish we lived closer to you guys!

  2. I want to come eat at your house!