Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm convinced....always wear a helmet!

Last week...we had a miracle. An obvious one! Greg and I decided that we would be a single car family for a while. It's had its inconvenient times to be sure but it has worked out really good thus far. Greg, little Mr. Ironman has a nice road bike and a couple times a week he found himself riding on State street on his way to work. I was already at work and was looking forward to getting off in about three hours. I was sitting at my desk when I saw a nice looking, tall, guy walk up to my desk. Greg! What are you doing here!!!?? My initial thought was "he is here to say hi! Yeah! I love surprises!" He didn't waste any time, and told me he had been in an accident but that he was okay. I thought, accident? But you were riding your bike. Yep! He was....
Bike vs. Car
Not good odds.
 Good thing he was wearing his helmet.....because he went head first into this rear window.
Here is the bike:

Not good, huh? Here is Greg....

It's a miracle he wasn't broken up too....

 So after this little accident, we decided that even though he felt fine and was just a little shaken up, we would get him checked out. The lady that brought him in, after he checked out with all the paramedics,  told me that he looked fine but in her words, "it was a spectacular accident, he hit so hard. I thought he'd be hurt really bad from the way he hit the car." He spent an hour and a half in the ER just to get things checked out. They did an xray, ultrasound on his midsection, and an examination by the ER doctor. He checked out okay to the absolute shock of everybody...including the paramedics, firemen, onlookers, nurses, etc. All of them said he was really lucky to not be hurt worse then a few bumps and bruises. I often wonder how things just happen to work out "perfectly" right...reminds me at Who is really in charge, that He really cares about us, and that He is aware of us...always! Lots of things happen like this in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends. I am thankful for the big and small miracles I see everyday, every year, and every week.

Stephanie Bluemel and Billy Wight, 2/17/2012
One of the things I love most about Greg is that he makes things that are important to me, important to him. He is one of the most supportive and caring individuals. It makes so many things in life so much more fun when you can celebrate or if needed, cry, over things that matter the most to you WITH someone else that you care about. Stephanie and Billy's wedding was one of those things, he met her once, and her family once, but was really excited to not only attend her wedding in Manti but to host a little EARLY morning breakfast and "pamper" party at 6:00 am in the morning with the bride. What a guy! We had quite the party with Erika and her sweetheart Dallin spending the night, Stephanie and Billy of course, Grandpa and Grandma, Megan Keil, and of course the hairstylist supreme, Kellie Rivera. We had a good little meal with a breakfast casserole, monkey bread, fruit with dip, and orange juice. Not bad for a 6:00 am breakfast! I wish I had taken more pictures of this group! But here is some of Stephanie getting her hair done.

They had their little luncheon after the wedding at a great place directly across the street from the Manti Temple. Awesome food!
Okay, so some of these pictures aren't in order...sorry!
We drove up to the wedding with my grandparents and rode back with my Dad. Greg had to work so my Dad and I went out for some fun! We hit up a dollar theater movie, hit up the BYU men's volleyball game, and then met up with Greg at IN-N-OUT for my Dad's first taste of the popular burger place!
The volleyball game was amazing!!!! I haven't been to a men's volleyball game in a couple of years. I loved it, the game was close and thrilling. Glad we went! BYU lost the first two games and I started to think, BYU-what!!??? What is all this good news I have been hearing about a spectacular volleyball team. They are looking BAD! But, there got out of their funk and handed it to the competition in the next three games. So much fun to watch a close and competitive match.
Greg and I went to St. George on President's day. My Aunt Lisa mentioned that her in-laws had a second home that they might let us use if we ever had a trip down there. I thought I'd take her up on that and called her the week before to see if maybe we could crash there the night before instead of having to get up early. They were so generous, and agreed to let us use their house. They had gone back to Vernal, so Greg and I had this beautiful home to ourselves. It was nice to sleep in, get up, eat some breakfast we brought, and head out in the warm sun to climb our little hearts out. We started bouldering in Moe's valley. I got to meet Casey and nice to meet them! They are the nicest people, Greg sure has some terrific friends. We then headed out to a place called "Chuckawalla." Fun lead/top roping area!

Go Sheralee! She just won a competition in this area!

 This picture/camera really don't do this justice, it was a beautiful area!


What a fun trip! We can't wait to go again. Who knows, we may even end up living there!!!! We think this is a HUGE bonus, who can beak, Lake Powell within two hours, Grand Canyon within three, Las Vegas within two, warm weather all year round, and Zion's National Park just to name a few. The Sloat house will be the party house!!!

Okay, I am a wannabe Pioneer Woman/ Bakerella!!!!! I am I am!!! I want to have a blog that aspiring cooks look at. But, right now, I am just trying to learn myself. So in the meantime, I will share some pics of our fun cooking days together. This mostly happens on Sunday since Greg usually works at night during dinnertime.
Ahhhh....a favorite. Pot roast, potatoes, onions, and carrots.

We had our friends upstairs come and join us! It was a fun meal to eat and to enjoy with some friendly people. Then, most recently, we had my friend Derek Gosman over for some dinner. Oooo...Yum! Greg and I put our heads and hands together for what is now one of our favorite meals. Homemade fettuccine noodles, homemade Alfredo sauce (I have a great LOW fat recipe!), the Alfredo sauce had bacon, artichokes, and spinach in it. We also had a green salad with Brazilian cheese bread. To top it off, we made the best banana cream pie dessert either of us had tasted!!!! What a meal, here are a few pics!

 I think Greg has some Italian in him, look at that concentration. He did a great job on the noodles! It can be tedious to cut out and dry all those darn things. But he did it and he did it great!

 I love this "Best Bites" cookbook we got for our wedding. I use it all the time. We used the "Guiltless Alfredo Sauce" and "Banana Cream Pie" recipe. Both of them awesome! Greg wasn't excited that I was using a low-fat more healthy Alfredo sauce then my usual Olive Garden copycat, that one is REALLY good too. But, he loved it! Hats off to great cooks who come up with healthier recipes without sacrificing good taste! Thanks!

 We sauteed a little chicken with garlic, bacon, artichoke hearts, and spinach. SO GOOD......
 Adding the Alfredo sauce!!!!
 And the meal just kept getting better! We didn't take a picture, but the really quick and easy Brazilian cheese bread was amazing too!!! Another recipe from Best Bites, just from the website though.
Greg's demolished bike...everything in this accident broke but him!!!! The car...the bike...the window...but not Greg. :)

The rest of the pictures from the luncheon on the big wedding day. Congrats to Stephanie and Billy Wight! They are now living in Montana.
Left to right: Dallin, Erika, Neisha, Chad, Landon, Issac, and Natalie.
The Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel!
Greg and I with the grandparents! What a fun day to get together, weddings are the best.

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