Monday, February 13, 2012

Good memories....GREAT people!!!

Yes, I am related to this hunk! This is Trey Bluemel. He is little Mr. Missionary all the way out in South America. The Chile Vina Del Mar Mission to be exact. He is such a dedicated person! Every letter I get I find myself wanting to be a little better. He "stinks" of goodness when he e-mails us every Monday. I'd like to give you a little sample of an awesome letter we got today: (no editing, you get it in it's original form!)

Dear Family
Me quedo con Elder Wilson. Well im staying with Elder Wilson. Im Very happy to be staying with him. This last change felt like is was only a week. The time is just passing by way to fast. Were really starting to work with the Branch. The branch President called us this morning with a referencia to pass by. We went on divisions on tuesday night. We shared with less active familys and one of the members that we went with told us that he had not felt the spirit that strong in a long time. We also have a baptisum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They still have to pass there interviews but there is no problems there. There such a golden family. There getting married tuesday and will be baptised this saturday.

Wed. i had to go on intercambios with Ovalle norte. We had to walk to some investigators that they have. It was a 3 hour round trip of walking. There are no busses that go out there. The people their teaching out there are golden but it is so much walking. We started to teach rosa the plan of salvation but after a couple of questions she really wanted to know how she can grow here faith. So we shared how she can do that through baptism. We invited her to be baptised. She told us that she will have to think about it.

Thursday we shared with Jose luis. He is just so golden. They read and pray as a family. Any Elder Could baptise his family, There just so choose.

Friday we had a sweet lesson with jim. We asked him what he really wanted in this life. He told us that he just wanted to stop doing so bad habits that he had. We went on to share about la restauracion and a focus on baptism. We used alot of scriptures and at the end of the lesson we put a date to be baptised on the 17 of march.

Saturday we went to a baptisum in ovalle norte. Very little people attended so im glad that we came and supported them. That night we shared with a family and talked about the women at the well. We talked about how going to church can help them clench there thrist. How they can have a rest from all the worries of the world in church. The mom and daughters went to church but the dad did not come to church for some reason. Ill guess that we will find out tonight. We also went to a members house and did a practice on how we share the book of mormon with our investigators.

Sunday we went to baptisum in Monte Patria. They DID IT IN A RIVER. All the zone came and watched. It was sweet to see some one baptised in a river.

This week i was studying in alma 32. I was reading verse 34 were it says we dont have faith. Thinking for a second i realized that when we have lived a comandment and know it good for us we lose our faith in living that because we know it is good for us. Which goes back to verse 21. Then i taught how i could apply this to my life and the life of the people that i was teaching. The Book of mormon has all the anwsers.

Thats all i have for this week. I love and pray for all of you.
Love Elder Buemel

Did you catch how many times he says "golden?" That can't be true! I think he just has the most amazing attitude. Sharing something really special with others is not an easy thing at all. Although it is a great conviction to share something that means more to you than anything else, and you'd like others to have the chance to check it out and see for's still hard. I am sure his days are tough, filled with frequent rejection, missed appointments, and fatigue. But he is having the time of his life! Everybody needs to experience something like this, going out for an extended time, as long as they can, and dedicated themselves to helping others. This is something that definitely impacts you for life! I think about mine all the time, motivates me to remember to keep doing looking for ways to help and not consider my part, "done." It is never done....

Look at that view!!!! Oh! Love that little apartment, looks like a neat place to live.

 Okay, so we like to do a lot of things together. So far the TOP 2 are: climbing and cooking!!! So, here is some more cooking. We did some sugar favorite kind of cookie. At least right now while I am thinking about this batch.

 Greg, making the frosting. What a mess!!! That is what makes frosting a little fun I think.

 I wonder if our kids will ever wonder why most of the time mom and dad make silly faces in their pictures....
 Look at this bridal beauty! My oh my! We lived with Amy a year ago and she was married to the spunky Bobby Rudd. Good guy. She had a terrific celebration of their sealing this last December. It was a beautiful day! It was exactly two weeks after Greg and I got married in sealing room "D" of the Salt Lake Temple. It wasn't the same sealing room but they all look so much alike, it was fun to be a witness to a live sealing so soon after Greg and I had gone through the same thing. There is no better place on earth then in the temple watching somebody you love get married, this is what heaven really is. God, family, and close friends. It wouldn't be heaven any other way.
 I made Greg take this picture with me, this is on our way to the temple to watch Bobby and Amy's sealing ceremony. The reason I wanted it is because this is the place where we walked together before we got married. A silly sentimental thing, I know. We wore matching clothes too...I even wore the same dress I wore on my wedding day when I walked into the temple. Of course, I wore my white one out! I've already had a TON of pictures of that.
 These are some of the ladies I work with. I have been really privilege to have some great co-workers. Here we are at our desks, day in, day out. I love these people. They make work a great place to be! Closest to me is ReNae, she just started. Then there is Jean Jones, Mrs. I just brought a bran-spanking new house! And the famous Roxan Spafford, funny lady! She started working at American Fork Hosptial right before I was born. She may have checked my mom in for labor! Who would have guessed I would end up working with a lady that may have admitted my mom for labor and delivery, I have come full circle!

 Just some little Christmas projects. I seem to think that we really needed some serious Christmas decorations for our first house. We stayed in Utah because of work and I wanted it to be cozy! So, I made a little door decor! Less then 10 bucks, pretty good deal. Then the second one, a crochet afghan. Made for my dear mama! This was a fun project, I haven't made a blanket in years.
 Am I dreaming!!?? Is this my favorite candy, 1 POUND OF IT!!!???? Yep, it is! My dreams have come true!

 So, I have recently become an aunt. Definitely an important job. But...I am far away from them so it doesn't feel like it is that important yet. Hopefully someday I will get to know these kiddos way better then I do. On the top is Greg's brother Reed with Harley right next to him and Kaeson not far away. On the bottom is their sister Emma, she is wearing our Christmas present to her! eating, again! MMMM...this is getting to be a regular picture on our camera. We are having my favorite meal! Fiesta steak, funeral potatoes, and some salad.

Cutting my hair is becoming one of my favorite habits. I grow it out a little and then cut it! So, I did it again just recently!

 Bowling time! Trevor's significant other is in the Utah National Guard. Something I think is really cool. Before I got married, I dabbed in thoughts of doing the same thing! A very selfless and neat endeavor to enroll in the military that protects our country and many others. She was in town for the weekend and we decided to meet up with her.

 We went with our close friends, Mike and Ashley. Trevor and Mike grew up like brothers and we are so close to their family. His sister Ruth, is one of my best friends. They are so much fun to be around. Mike just recently got accepted to the University of Washington Medical School. He and Trevor will be braving medical school together. They will be far apart but I am sure some phone calls and chats will be all they need for support inspit of the distance. Who knows, maybe someday they'll have the same practice together! I want to be their nurse!!!
 Look at that form. Look at where that ball is headed, yep! Yet another strike for Greg. Zero strikes for the rest of us. Now, don't let Greg fool you when it comes to many things. He OFTEN says he is terrible at something but it turns out, he is actually quite good! He told me he likes to bowl because you don't have to be good to have fun. So, we go have fun. He beat everybody, badly! Really, Greg?! NO good!? I am not going to believe you any more!
I have repeatedly tried to take up running and failed. So annoying. This last summer, I decided I was no longer going to accept the idea that I couldn't run! And I was going to be like the train and say, "I KNOW I CAN." And I did, I really started to ENJOY running. It is one of the most gratifying physical activities I do. The only problem is...winter. Yep! Winter! I have not fallen in love with running in the cold yet. So, consequently all my hard work is...gone. But I am getting back into it! I ran all of ONE time last week. I am going to make it two next week, then three, then hopefully be running about 4 days a week. It probably won't be pretty, but on April 7th I am going to run a half marathon with my husband and beauty of a cousin, Jess Kissling. I can't wait. It'll be a good way to break myself in. I plan to run two more and end the summer with my first ever marathon! All this good winter weather is getting me REALLY excited to work out those running shoes again.

Celsiee Jones, Ashley Sanderson, and her husband Mike. Good times....great people!!!!!

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  1. Chelsea, I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog :) I miss you friend! We should definitely see each other soon, now that I am feeling better. :)