Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Final Wrap Up

We had a short engagement so our wrap up was whirlwind too! We were both really appreciative of all the support and excitement of both family and friends to put together special gatherings before we got married. Greg had a fun time with friends eating, rock climbing, and catching a movie. I enjoyed some fun bridal showers. Then, Greg's parents put together a fabulous rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. All of it was the perfect addition to celebrating our big day.

I'll start with Greg's party. They were going to to an over-nighter but unfortunately, it was too cold so they had a change of plans. They ended up going to a different location and making it an all day event. The night before, Andy, Tommy, and Greg went out to Red Robin for some serious grub! This is Greg's favorite burger place, he claims he has never had a burger anywhere that matched it. I agree with him! After an all you can eat fries and coke with a fatty hamburger they hit up the dollar theater. I can't remember which flick they saw, but it wasn't very momunmental for any of them! Glad it was only a dollar I guess! They got to bed afterwards and got up WAY early, like around 6 am or so to head south for some climbing. They climbed all day and headed  home as it got dark and...were a little tuckered out. A late movie followed by an early climbing trip!? Anybody would be tired! I know that Greg really enjoyed time climbing with his closest friends Tommy, Joe, Andy, and Casey. He felt like a king, he said they paid for everything and he had a lot of fun. Thanks to all of his friends for treating him so very well! Here is a little picture of "IBEX."

I also felt like royalty with the generosity and excitment of friends and family. Every since I have been working at American Fork Hospital, all the ladies I work with have become some of my closest friends and mentors. I love them dearly and enjoy working with them so much. They have been my cheerleader through some tough times, exciting times, and discouraging times. We have always joked about the day I get engaged would be time to start planning for a celebration! So it was! The day I got engaged, the next day I was at work with donuts and juice to make the big announcment. The plans for a party soon followed and a great party it turned out to be. We did it on a Wednesday night at 7:30 for all the ladies at work and I also invited several family members. They put together a delicious meal complete with salad, soup, rolls, and fruit. A deluctable punch accompanied it and not to mention the to die for cupcakes and skotcharoos! It was hard to stop eating! We had it in a classroom type place right in the hosptial. So they set up some decorations and displayed my shoes, jewelry, garder, and flowers. It was kind of fun to share these items! We had a wonderful time and I got a lot of very useful and nice gifts. The theme of the shower was "what you love the most." Meaning, bring something you feel you use the most and love the most. Among the many things I got were a spice rack, dish trying mat, stackable mugs, recipes, hand wash, bowls, pans, measuring cups, and decorations! We do use all of them and are grateful for thier generosity. Thank you just doesn't say it sometimes when you use it!
 Just a little view.....
 Mrs. Michelle Loser, she made some killer chicken noodle soup!
 Look at all those nice gifts, I am convinced I know the most generous people in the world.
 A little display of my wedding accessories...a really cute idea.

The second bridal shower was a little smaller and intimate. It has been a tradition among a few of my closest friends to get together before a wedding. Kellie Rivera and Amy Lott threw me a very nice bridal shower that also had some great goodies at it. We enjoyed an array of items to dip in chocolate and a fun blue punch along with it. The gifts at this party are a little more "hush hush" so I won't list them off. Although, I believe Greg was really excited about all of them! Including and especially the cleaning supplies and utensils!
 Not the clearest picture, sorry. From left to right. Lani Wilson, Amy Rudd, Ashley Sanderson, Kellie Rivera, and Megan Keil.
 More YUM!
 Opening gifts, I am SPOILED!

I can remember Greg telling me that his parents have a tradition of having a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. I haven't told Greg yet, but hopefully we can carry this tradition on. I really enjoyed the evening they planned. My plans were bigger then my hands as far as wedding planning goes. I thought in my mind that I would have everything ready to go! Including our apartment all moved into and everything organized, I would be ahead on my classes, and there would be nothing to do but enjoy family and soak it all in. It wasn't to be, I was still cramming for a test and rushing into the testing center the day before I got married! Our families helped us move and did more then I did and I wasn't able to enjoy family not nearly as much as I had pictured in my head. But, it still worked out really well. It was such a great relief to have so much of their help. I did really well on my test and our apartment was a complete wreck with boxes, trash, and stuff everywhere! But! We had a place to stay, a bed cleared off to sleep in, and food in the fridge. What more could you want? So, we rushed here and there and everywhere until finally we all arrived at Los Hermanos in Lindon for a nice, relaxed, enjoyable meal. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time! This is the place, and the window on the upper floor there, that is the room!

Los Hermanos has a really wonderful private room upstars that included plenty of seating for all 14 of us. We laughed, told stories, cried, gave gifts, took pictures, made wishes, and gave as much thanks as we possibly could express! It was the perfect night and I couldn't have asked for more. Those who attended were immediate family, grandparents, and significant others of immediate family members. The perfect end to madness for me, and the perfect pre-celebration for the most exciting day! I feel so lucky to have married a guy who has such an exemplary, nice, considerate, and wonderful family. I truly feel it is a HUGE bonus to marrying Greg. I can't wait to get to know his family better and share many memories with them. Likewise, I am excited for Greg to be an addition to my family as well.

Thanks to one and to all!!!! We are going to personally write each one of you, it will take us a while though, so in the meantime, know that your kindness has not gone unnoticed! 

 Oh happiness.....


  1. What a cute couple! I love hearing the whole story!

  2. OK so I totally remember you. I even remember that you gave us the cute little plack for our wall for our wedding, (I know I remember weird things). Congrats on getting married, I think Nathan told me that. No don't feel bad about not remembering everything about your wedding, it is an overwhelming day. Congrats again!