Monday, December 5, 2011

His, Mine, OUR Story...

Hopefully I can talk Greg into blogging a little bit with me. But, this is kind of my project so I will do my best to keep "his" side of stories and occurrences accurate and true! I have grown to really love blogs. Many of my friends share and keep blogs that are so fun to look at and read. I have also seen the neat books they print and keep as little family books full of pictures and stories. They give me a laugh, make me think, and most of all it is a perfect way to keep a journal for my future and current family. My desire is that blogging will help me appreciate more things that I may miss if I didn't take time to write about them and help others do the same! Life is good....

His story:
Greg graduated from SUU in Cedar City with a bachelor's degree in education. He hopes to teach secondary education including social sciences and geography. He has a deep passion for education and teaching! He is very talented at it too! He didn't really have one subject he felt particularly strong about but he loves history so he picked that as his focus as an educator. He did his student teaching this last winter semester in Hurricane, Utah. He also did some coaching for their track coaching!

During the course of the semester he applied to many areas including all of Utah and some of Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming. He had many successful interviews but no job offers. Not was he was expecting so he kept working at his current job, Applebees as a waiter. Many of his good friends were moving up to the northern part of Utah and so he decided he would join them. Greg loves climbing more then most people love anything and there is a TON of climbing to do up here in all the canyons. He tried looking in Sandy for a place to live but never had any luck. He ran into an ad for a really cheap apartment in Provo. He will be the first to admit, Provo was NOT the place he EVER wanted to end up! Lucky for me, he found an apartment in the exact place I did...The Branbury. Where for us, is where our love began.

I was living in Orem in a situation that turned out not to work for all five of us sharing a condo there. I was desperate for a cheap apartment too because the housing situation in Orem didn't turn out as cheap as we wanted it to but it could've turned out a lot worse, I am sure! I found an ad for a girl trying to get married and she was selling her contract for $99 a month! A private room! I could do that for sure. I contacted her right away and arrangements were made immediately. I moved in a few weeks later and started getting acclimated to my new home in Provo.

I was still working in American Fork for the hospital there and wasn't quite sold on what I wanted to do exactly so I decided to just keep working during the summer and start up being a student again this Fall. I had a lot of fun at the beginning of the summer. I started learning to rock climb and run. Both were becoming a huge passion of mine and I have never been so successful at running before. I took on a few runs that I thought I'd never be brave enough to do. Some of you may laugh, but it was exciting for somebody who has never been a long distance runner and wanted to do well at it! I kept running into all kinds of wonderful people who enjoyed the same thing. In fact, I took up a new gym membership with some friends at an indoor rock climbing gym to get better. We were all "nerdie newbies" and so we had fun just being that at the gym but getting some great workouts in.

I left for a week long vacation with my family at the beginning of the summer. Worst weather we've ever had at the lake but the BEST vacation I can remember too! We had the ultimate R&R, we went for runs, bike rides, hikes, took pictures of the sunset, got out on the lake when it wasn't freezing cold or raining, and read some really great books! I think we fit a few movies in there too...camping these days!? Really!? It was great. And we spent a while week out at the lake! I got home on a Sunday evening. The next day I went to work and rushed to FHE afterwards to make a late appearance. I made it to the spiritual thought just in time. There was this new guy. See, I had been in the ward for a few weeks and it seemed to me that everybody was pretty much a familiar face. I already had a calling as a Sunday school teacher and everything! So, I definitely noticed a new face, especially a tall, hunky type! He was wearing a light purple/grey v-neck shirt and black shorts. Oooo eee!!! I was only planning on an appearance mind you...but I stuck around for about an hour longer just to get a closer look and to hopefully get a chance to say hello. I made sure I was on the same team and I stood by him in all the huddles. I of course was TOO chicken to say anything.

After FHE, I was thinking, who was that!!?? Is he new? I hope so! I hope he wasn't just visiting. I asked a friend from the ward if he knew, but he didn't know anything about my new crush. See, in Provo Utah, eligible bachelors run ramp id! They are everywhere, so it isn't unusual to see some that catch your eye. But he didn't just catch my eye, I kept thinking about him, wondering who he was! He seemed like such a down to earth, NICE, and GOOD GOOD GOOD guy. You know what I am talking about, you've met people you feel the same way about. I am not going to lie, I didn't obsess over it. What could I do!? But I did realize that if he wasn't new, he would be at church on Sunday. Guess what? He was! I was really excited to see that hunk of a guy in his nice suit, looking nice and shiny for church that day. He even came to my Sunday school class.....

I hoped to see him at other things, ditching games with friends at one point to attend a ward function hoping to see him there. I told my brother the night I saw him that I had a crush on this guy...then when I hadn't talked to him he said, "Chels, that is ALL you have to do. Just talk to him!" So, I tried but he wasn't at much besides church and it was the Sunday he gave a talk. Boy oh boy...I thought. Wow! He is such a passionate and sincere speaker when it comes to things that are important to me! Can it get any better!? Nope. I don't think so. People in the ward started joking that we needed to meet because we had so much in common, and I'll admit, I guess we kind of look alike. At least we both have "super snifers!" I was happy about all the joking, but only if it got me results! did!

Our Story:
Greg's roommates had a couple of girls over from the ward and the topic of him asking me out came up! He agreed to do it. Now, Greg has NEVER asked a girl out he has never spoken to...I am glad he took a risk! I got the call on a Wednesday I think. I was out country dancing...something I LOVE to do! He left a message saying he'd like to take me out. I was beside myself when I got home and heard the message! He said he'd call me the next day but I wanted to let him know I got his message and just sent him a text. We set a date to go out the next day. We went for a walk to the Pizza Pie Factory. A great pizza joint just up the Provo River Trail from our apartments. It was perfect to walk, talk, and eat on the first date. Neither of us seemed to be dazzled by each other but we had some things in common and talked about doing something again.

Since both of our schedules were crazy, we talked later in the week and decided to go climbing up American Fork Canyon on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. A couple of his roommates wanted to come so we didn't do a lot of climbing but we laughed and enjoyed good company. On the way home he got me a burrito at a great local place called "Mountain West Burrito Company." GREAT place to get a superb burrito in Provo. I was HUNGRY! I scarfed down mine while everybody was still putting their hot sauce one. He admits, he noticed, and was impressed. I am glad my ridiculous eating habits impress somebody! He went to work for the rest of the day, and I have no idea what I did for the rest of the day.

I still thought he was amazing! Such a sweetheart and all of his friends idled him and had nothing but good things to say about how he treated them and the kind of person he was. I didn't think he thought of me as much more then a friend though. So, I didn't read too much into the situation but just kept enjoying myself.

The following Tuesday I made plans after work with a good friend of mine. After much indecision, we finally decided we were going to go rock climbing and then go for a good run afterwards. Right as my friend was on his way to pick me up, I got a phone call from Greg. He wanted to know if I would like to go play tennis at nine. I was NOT going to turn him down. So I made arrangements with my friend to go rock climbing until nine and then call it a night so I could go play tennis with Greg. Turns out Greg was climbing too! He noticed us, but I never saw him. Kind of ironic! He says he thought I was going to ditch him while I was on a "date" with another "dude." No way, I just was having fun until nine rolled around! I wasn't going to miss a chance for some quality time with Greg. After my friend and I had climbed our hearts out, I headed home to wait for the Mr. Hunky Pants (what my co-workers started calling him) came to get me for our rousing game of tennis. Keeping in mind, I had only played tennis once before and Greg has spent a great deal of time playing and it is one of his favorite sports. He likes to pretend he is not coordinated or good at sports with balls but I beg to differ. He is actually profoundly athletic and very good at any sport he actually enjoys. Which includes tennis, golf, ping pong, rock climbing, biking, swimming, and distance running. He is very motivated and disciplined when it comes to training! Okay...a little bit of a tangent.

We went out to play tennis and it really was fun. We had a great talk, shared some blueberries and homemade whipped cream afterwards. The apartment complex has some nice grass, trees, a walking path, and tables around it. We sat and talked about the potential for more get together that week. After that, I don't think we ever spent a free moment apart if we had the choice. We did the Pioneer Day 5K at the Branbury together and had homemade waffles afterwards, went climbing several times (one of my favorite things to do with Greg, he is really good and very patient with teaching me), liked to go out to eat or even better cook together, fishing at my grandparents so he could catch his first fish EVER, going on long runs together on Saturday mornings, and joining friends for fun occasions. Here are some of my favorite things that are kind of funny.

One of my passions, cinnamon rolls. It may seem silly, but my goal is to one day make a cinnamon roll that "Cinnabon" will BEG me for! We had some friends over to enjoy them with us on a Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kellie and Brian Rivera! Thanks for joining us!

Teaching our friend, Kayla, how to make some spaghetti! Look at that pile of dishes!

Having a little LATE birthday party for my roommate Jessica. Greg has requested the same cake! A lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting! Yum.

Hello glorious pizza eating contest. You might ask who won, if you knew me, you'd never need to. I won, 11-9!

On a little late evening hike...we love to do this together. We both love the outdoors and want to live somewhere it is WARM for most of the year!

Late night snack run for slurpees...we saw the BIGGEST rice krispy treat ever!

Another tremendous memory!!! Greg spent a lot of time, love, and money to make my 27th birthday special. And he did a terrific job. This is only one picture unfortunately because I wish I had more. He made me lunch and dinner! We went on a nice walk up in rock canyon and he packed some delicious snacks to enjoy. He gave me a NICE day pack for all my climbing stuff. (That I won't get dirty!) And he made this delectable cake! It is a "REESES" cake, my favorite candy. With a chocolate cake, peanut butter chips, peanut butter frosting, and chocolate drizzled on top. YUM. I ate half of the cake MYSELF. I think I'll request it for my next birthday.

Greg and I would stay up late together on Friday nights since he would get home late from work. But we would always turn around and get up at 6:00 the next morning to go on our long run for the week. Our first run was 9 miles and then we did a couple 11-milers and a 12-miler. We finally realized that this was insane. We needed to forgo our long runs or we needed to get to bed early. So, we both stopped being so brave and crazy! We started getting more sleep and the runs got more scattered. But we often would do workouts together in the weight room which would consist of some pretty intense but fun times to try and get into shape. We did this for most of our courtship, the weather and being engaged changed things. Greg started working around 60-70 hours a week and I didn't keep a clock but I was working 24-32 hours a week, going to school full-time, and planning the wedding in 2 months. We both lost our desired "physic" but we are happier then ever to be together. We plan on running a marathon and some half marathons the spring and summer of 2012! I cannot wait, this is dream of mine. Greg is an old veteran, so I am excited to learn all I can from him.

Another good memory I have is when Greg went to visit his parents like 2 weeks after we became basically inseparable. Well, I should rephrase it, it was torture. I don't know what it was. It was like we were both the biggest wabbies to live! We missed each other SO much! We talked all the time, texted during the day, and counted the days till he returned. While he was gone, he admits thinking that he wish I could be there with him for the big family celebration of his dad's retirement from the Marines, a great honor! I admitted that I would go running at night and it made me really nervous to think of not having him around. We had the best, long chats I have ever had. We talked about anything and everything. One thing that was different about this relationship is that he became my instant best friend. I don't remember a time that I felt uncomfortable around him or couldn't talk to him about something. He has known all my little secrets and embarrassing facts since I can remember. I felt like I could say anything around him or ask his advice or opinion about anything. I suppose it was like we were always friends but had just neat! When he returned, it was torture because he got home quite a bit later then he had anticipated. But even though he rolled in around midnight, we couldn't wait to have a little reunion. He came to the apartment and because of BYU honor code, we had to leave soon after he got there! Before we left, we did a little ab workout...ha ha! So like Greg, and so like us! Random little workouts are our thing, nothing like getting the blood flowing.

Here are some of the pics we sent back and forth....

Yeah, he is a hunk! I  know. :)

Papa Bart Sloat

Greg and his brother, Ben!

The whole Sloat NEW additional family! So happy about that.

Out visiting some historical sites, like I said, Greg LOVES history.

He is a pretty good golfer, so he had to show off a little. My brother and dad were gawking after they saw him hit the golf ball for the first time!

My dear companion, Faith Joseph, kept me company during the lonely 9 days.

A giant cucumber from a security guard at work, a great pic to send your sweetheart that is a long ways away, right?!

We took a little walk that night and had a seat in a gazebo. So cheesy to mention, I know, but it really was pretty. We just chatted and enjoyed one another's company. We both knew that it was something special and it made both of us kind of wonder, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!!!???? We just seemed to fit so well, and to fit quickly. In fact, as we got more serious, we both decided we would keep it to ourselves and just enjoy getting to know one another. What is the rush, right?! But, once you start heading in that direction you can't really back track. So, that leads us to our next great memory of our courtship, which actually occurred more towards the beginning of all of this. (Meaning before he left for Virginia for his family's fun reunion in honor of his dad's retirement. Sorry...I am just typing as I remember!)

Greg and I had just eaten a little leftovers I had in the fridge. They were my pathetic version of stuffed green peppers. I have never been able to make these so that I really like them, but I plan to keep trying! I love the little morsels. He seemed a little nervous and mentioned that he wanted to tell me something. He suggested, "You don't have to say anything back." Then he proceeded to tell me that he really liked me and why he liked me. I was more then flattered, I was in heaven! It was so encouraging and lovely to hear a person I thought so highly of tell me that he thought a lot of me and that he "liked" me. Wow...what a feeling. It was like he placed me on cloud nine with permanent goose bumps and smile! I told him that I felt the same way and shared some of my thoughts. Woo hoo! The dating and sleepless nights and days began. We always were together. He is such a good sport too! He is so fun to surprise and do things with. He takes it like a champ and even makes it better!

One night, he got off early. I had attended my cousin, Megan and Tyler's, wedding reception. It was a great time and Erica Von kampen, my other cousin, was in town to celebrate. We conjured up the idea of a contest after the reception. A contest of cake decorating! Cake boss contest! Greg happened to get off early, much to my surprise and delight, and jumped right in with no questions or comments! In fact, he was my partner and we had a lot of fun decorating "Harry Potter" themed cakes. Erica was really thrilled to meet him and had nothing but positive things to say not only about him, but us together. Her idea was, this is it!!! My brain said, I hope so! There was something so different about our relationship that was special.

We got pooped out and just wrote on the book, that it was a book.

I could go on and on about our dating. We went to my grandparents house in Lyman and had a hay day! My grandparents know how to entertain. We ate a beautiful steak fondue meal on their porch and it couldn't have been a more perfect night. We sat in the hot tub afterwards and chatted. The next day we packed a delicious lunch and made for a long trip up in the mountains up by where my grandmother grew up and where we have fished in the family for years...even generations! Greg has tired fishing a few times I guess and never had the thrill of catching a fish. This was our goal! Success! But it wasn't that easy.  We fished all morning and all of us caught a fish but Greg. My grandpa stayed on his tail coaching him and giving him tips here and there. Nothing. We took a lunch break in the early afternoon and it was time for Greg and I to get on the road. We had plans to go rock climbing. But it wasn't to be, Greg wanted to catch his first fish! So, we went out on our own and I didn't do much but give him a pointer or two. After a little while, a shout of joy like I had never heard before! Greg had caught his first fish and what a joyful occasion! We left after that to end the trip on a high note. We had all caught a few and Greg had caught his first and could proudly claim it as our biggest catch of the day.

I know it is hard to see but it is there. My little brookie fish! Worth all the hard work for sure...

Look at his face! Check out that amazing scenery in the background. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

One proud fisherman!

Greg was no stranger at my work. He came in with all kinds of smiles and treats some of which were milk shakes, jamba juice, orchid flower, and apples! He was always asking me what he could do for me or if I needed anything from the store. He came to eat lunch with me and was excited to meet all the lovely and wonderful friends I work with. They were all in love with him when he left and seemed to recognize what I had discovered, he is one big sweetheart and a wonderful guy! A great tribute to his parents and family! They have raised a special person!

Some darn good memories, and it is only some of them. One more I want to mention is meeting his parents. They flew in on a Thursday for a family reunion on his mother's side. They came straight from the airport to take me to lunch with Greg. I was so nervous, the ladies were giving me tips and giving me "pep" talks. One was giving me lip stick and perfume! Ha ha...while we were in our drama mode, we all saw Greg coming up to the front hospital entrance through the window and they hide me as they helped me put on some "gloss" and wish me luck! It was amazing...such a fun time to have some good friends at your side when you are nervous. To me, the lunch was amazing! I was still nervous but I could tell right away that Greg had incredible parents! They were so nice to be around and I enjoyed my first time meeting them. I had the opportunity to meet more of Greg's family through that weekend and I just fell in love with him more because his parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were all so impressive. What a family!

Not long after I met his parents, he met mine when we planned a trip on the 2nd weekend in September to go visit Colorado! We did some fun things including eating a ton of food, little family BBQ's, family games, movies, wake boarding, and a little shopping and sight seeing. Greg spoke with my dad about the idea of us getting married and asked for their support. Greg will have to tell you the details but he said it was a really moving conversation. Maybe I can talk him into writing about it so we can all enjoy and remember the details of it! We will see....

Greg got up on the his first try, VERY impressive. That is pretty rare for somebody to do that. We don't see if often!

Me, trying to get some air. And it's not happening but I am having a lot of fun.

We got home really late on Monday and we both had to work or go to school the next day. He worked at 6:00 am and then had to be at Applebees right after. So, he didn't get home till 12:00 or later. The next day we had plans to attend the temple. Wednesday had become our temple day...which was a suggestion given by both our stake president and bishop. Both pieces of advice were given separately and at a time when we were not serious. It isn't true for everybody, but we were both 26 and endowed for a few years. Our leaders suggested that it was a positive and good thing to attend the temple with close friends, including members of the opposite sex. This proved to be special days for Greg and I. We enjoyed this unique time and were able to get to know each other in a different way.

Greg packed a lunch for us to share. We stopped at the park right across from the Mount Timp temple. We had had lunch there before in between him going to either of his jobs. So, this was no unique idea. He packed some sandwiches, cliff bars, cookies, apples, and drinks. Delicious! I had been working all day and was scarfing again. Greg could barely eat anything! I questioned him, "aren't you hungry?!" Look at all this good food I thought. He objected, say he had eaten a "big bowl" of oatmeal that morning. i couldn't stop teasing him about that. A BIG bowl of oatmeal, huh!!?? Ha ha...I realized later that he was nervous and didn't have much of an appetite. We went to walk in the temple and I was thinking, it was a perfect day, we should go check out the temple grounds really quick before we head in to do some temple work.

He piped up and said what I was thinking. And it was perfect, there was a family taking advantage of the same reason! He seemed particularly serious to me. His hands were so sweaty, and I thought. Wonder why he is so sweaty. I thought, he couldn't be proposing! He didn't have a ring yet. We just got home yesterday from Colorado and he doesn't even know what size I wear! We had looked at rings I like online, but still! How could he guess the size. So I dismissed that and came to the conclusion that I'd probably be able to tell when he does just by the moisture on his hands. He was extra sweet. I say that now in hind sight, but I have never met anybody who is so good at making people feel like they are literally a bazillion dollars! He is so thoughtful and generous with his compliments and kind comments. He said some of the nicest things he has ever said to me and I thought, how could that be true, those compliments are too nice to be true! We then moved to a more secluded spot, and he said he had a question for me. Which followed by a stance of his right knee and a beautiful grey box with the ring of my dreams in it! Yep! He was purposing! He had purchased the ring that day and had guessed my size perfectly. I said YES you might guess and we proceeded to make some pretty exciting calls for the next hour and a half or so.

Picture of the ring in the box, he sent this picture to his family before he proposed.

Right after we got engaged...well, we made our phone calls first. So like 1 1/2 hours after.

The ring he picked out! Nice job Greg.

We went and celebrated at Magelby's. Their cake is unmatched! What a way to say...WE ARE EXCITED!

Perfect day! Perfect day! We were both so excited and set a pretty ambitious date of 11-19-2011. We wanted a fall wedding, and this was as close as we thought we could get. The rest is history, Greg was the most patient fiance by putting up with a really stressed out, sleep deprived, and crazy Chelsea! He was constantly asking me what he could do and then doing things for me I needed without me even asking! He says he can't read my mind, but sometimes I really think he does.

 I loved planning the wedding but I had a lot of other things on my plate too...including school and work. So, it was really hard to get everything done and it is all kind of a blurr now. But, it all came together. And I couldn't be happier with the result. The only thing I regret is not spending more time with my mom and sister on the morning of the wedding. I had envisioned some fun girl time complete with nails and facials. I really wanted to do Paige's hair and make up! SO bad...but the morning went by fast, Trevor and I took some wrong turns to the hotel and I had just barely enough time to get myself ready and then sprint out the door. Sorry Paige, we will have to do that on your wedding day or maybe somebody else' Trey or Trevor! Who knows, you may beat them, you may not!

Some pics from our engaged days! Thanks Greg, for being so patient, caring, and helpful!

My dad and brother love to tease Greg about this but we had some time at a fabric store to pic out fabric for our new bed quilt. My mom made the most beautiful quilt and I will post pictures of it exclusively. My aunt Mary was a big help to her and was with us when we picked out the fabric. We love the quilt and will have it till we die!

My friend Kellie helped me pick out my dress initially, thanks to her help I felt confident in my dress. I only went to one shop. The lady had some amazing deals and I didn't want to spend a lot on a dress that I would only wear one day. So, I was out for a deal. My dress ended up being exactly what I wanted. This is one that is similar to it. Greg came repeatedly with me for fittings once my dress got in and then at the tailor's house. He was a great sport and such a great cheerleader for me.
Here it is! I really felt pretty in my dress.

We tried to get crazy, watermelon eating contest at Greg's work was a must for us. His manager put us to shame though. He drew the biggest watermelon and ate it all! Impressive, that is HARD to do.

Focus, focus...

Leslie McCleary did our engagements. She is so great to work with. Greg isn't a big fan of pictures, but he admitted that he had a lot of fun and it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. Props to Leslie and her amazing talent.

I lost the only keys to the car I was driving. And I kept thinking they would turn up. So, I spend some time on my bike, wedding shopping. These are the reception flowers. We ended up not needing them, but what would you think of a girl riding a bike a night when her back pack looked like this!?

Our pile of pics! We wanted to do a classy but unique invitation. So we did an invite separate from pictures and people got one of several pictures we picked out.

Some pics of the jewelry process! My Aunt Susie is such a thoughtful person! She spent a lot of time and money making me the jewelry I wanted! They were perfect, these are some pictures of the process we went through to make it happen.

Greg did a lot of dishes and cooking during this time to help me out. Lets just say, I owe him BIG time.

For a Sunday snack, we made some homemade pretzels! A fun and tasty snack.

Yep, we made our own flowers. And Greg was a helpful guy! He did most of his own flower. What groom can say that!?

Our first run to the post office with all of our invitations!

I saved the best for last! Here is our beautiful quilt my Mom and Aunt Mary made for us! WOW! And I can't forget about the bed and night stands. A beautiful gift from my dear grandparents. Thanks everybody for sharing your AMAZING talent with Greg and I. We love it and will enjoy them for as long as we live.

Well, this is my first of many. I hope this will be a fun thing for all of our posterity to enjoy in the many years to come! We love you....


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