Monday, December 26, 2011

Only the Beginning...Our Wedding Day!

Happily Ever After.....well, this is our goal anyway! We plan on doing all we can so that we will live happily ever after! I guess this should be labeled, the story begins, because it really is just the beginning.

This may be kind of boring to some, but I am using this blog as a kind of way to do some sort of creative journaling. So, I want to walk through the experience of my wedding day through my own eyes. Here it goes!

The plan was to spend the night in the hotel my parents got in Salt Lake. It is only a couple blocks from Temple Square with a tremendous view of the Salt Lake Temple. I wanted to hang out with them, do my nails, have fun with some spa stuff I got from my bridal showers. Because of how much I wasn't done with things the night before, it didn't happen. I was disappointed but I was always told to just go with the flow. Don't expect things to be perfect. It was almost midnight and I was still in my apartment that looked more like a junkyard, and I couldn't really find anything I needed too quickly. I was nervous and tired, so that didn't make my effectiveness go by any faster. I needed my mom I think, every time I have to pack for something big, I get too wound up to just think straight! She always thinks perfectly, I think, and so she always keeps me going and knows what I need to get done. Well, she was in Kaysville decorating for my reception so she was not available. So, I guess what looked more perfect to me then anything was a cleared off bed that could be laid on, more importantly, slept on! Trevor was with me, what a trooper! And he was helping me a bunch along with my wonderful friends Ashley and Mike Sanderson. They were handling pictures and picture frames for the reception while I wondered around. I finally decided that Trevor and I would crash, like the good ol' days, and just sleep on Greg and I's new bed together. Trevor is a perfect sleeping partner! He doesn't move an inch! Thanks for the good night sleep Trev! Anyways....I woke up a monster that next morning!

I didn't sleep very well at all. Does any bride? I don't know, but I didn't. I finally really started to doze at about 6:00 or so. Lately, I haven't been setting an alarm, long story. But I always wake up when I need to so I just don't. Well, not this morning! What!!??? My wedding day??? How could I get up late. Well, not terribly late but late and I was not in a good mood for sure. Trevor was a trooper...once again. He put up with my short comments and to the point sentences. I felt bad, so we had a better time driving up to Salt Lake. It had snowed but I was able to travel at fairly normal speeds. I thought I knew the exact hotel, so I went right to it, parked, and got all of my stuff! Trevor and I both had our hands totally full. We spent 15 minutes trying to figure out a room until we figured out we were in the wrong hotel. I started to panic again. This is my wedding day, I am supposed to be already showered, shaved, and hair almost done! I can't be wasting so much time. Well, I went to go fetch the car and Trevor stayed with the stuff. I got to the car just fine, but getting out of that garage was another thing. I want to emphasize that I don't think clearly at times like these and I could have sworn that the exit wasn't there the ten times I drove by it. I drove in circles, again and again. I started honking my horn and tearing up! Where was the exit!!??? An angel, a car actually, pulled out and I guess they had to exit too. I followed them to see if it was too good to be true, it wasn't! They lead me right out of that dungeon! On the way out, I needed to pay ten bucks. I went to give her my card, thinking, ten bucks!!?? I was here 15 minutes, but oh well. She declined and said she took check or cash only. What!!?? An established downtown parking area in a nice hotel, cash or check only! She said, why don't you park and go find an ATM. I thought, "Girl, there is NO way I am going to go park and go get money. Are you serious!!?? I am late and this is my wedding day!!! I need to SHOWER!" But what came out was, "I am late, you'll need to let me through, I don't have time." She seemed to sense my seriousness and just wrote something on her book with my license plate. I hope that doesn't cause too much trouble! But...I was FINALLY out! started out kind of scary....
But it turned out okay!

My dad may have been almost as stressed as I was. We still had a few wedding things to do....LIKE FINISH MY DRESS!!! Yeah, nothing like waiting till the last minute. When things get busy, I don't think that is procrastinating. Its just getting things done when you can, right!? We pulled up to the right hotel, my mom and dad were waiting outside to help us in and my dad drove the car away. Wooo hoo! Free to pamper! We got all my stuff up to the room, I jumped in the shower and started my business. About 2 1/2 hours later, I was ready to go out the door. And our the door we flew! I was just in time! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Paige and I didn't get to pamper together, but we will do that another time.  Greg and I got there right as we were supposed to and couldn't wait to get the important stuff started for the day.

The rest is history! The ceremony was incredible and too personal to put up on the Internet, but we wrote down all the advise that was given and the feelings we had. We had a spectacular turnout and I couldn't have been more pleased to see so many wonderful faces there in that sealing room, when we came out of the temple, and then later at our reception. We had a dilemma to figure out right before we made the final decision on our announcements. Which temple would we get married in? Since I served my mission on Temple Square, I have always wanted to get married there. That wasn't always the case, Salt Lake is a busy temple and I didn't want to get married in a crowd of other brides and grooms. Both Greg and I had narrowed down our temple invitation list to all of our family and closest friends. It was over the limit by more then twice as much. That is a GREAT problem to have! We are so very thankful to have that many to invite! The only problem was, the sealing room, the biggest one in the SLC temple, only sat 45! Well, I called up the temple and tried to pry a little about how strict they are. I had been to sealings where people stood or accommodations were made to fit everybody that the couple wanted there. The first lady I talked to sounded a little gloomy about it. So, I called every other temple in Utah Valley to find out sealing room capacities. The Draper Temple had the most, 72. I really liked that temple too actually, I might even like attending there more then the SLC temple. But my sentiments were still strong and Greg felt the same way, we wanted to get married in the SLC temple. I called one more time, perfection. I talked to a lady that told me, they could work it out and none of our guests would be turned away! Yeah! Another battle conjured! So, we finalized the invites and sent them out. I couldn't have been happier. I think any temple would have been wonderful, but there is something about Salt Lake that is so special to me. Maybe because I spend a year and a half there!?

It seems that lots of things like that happens when it means a lot to you. We had the same problem with our sealing time. We made it for 3:00 originally, thinking that would work best with guests and dinner. But come to find out, it wouldn't have worked for pictures! So, I called and called and called! I was so sad, pictures are kind of a big deal in weddings. Well, they were for me at least! I finally got through and the SLC temple is SO busy that I thought there was no way that they'd have an opening during a time that would be any good. It would either be before the sun came up or the sun had already gone down. At least that what the availability when we called to set it up the first time. Luckily, somebody changed to a different time or date and the PERFECT time was open! So, wala! Bridezilla gets her way...and boy was I happy. I literally felt like it was a miracle! Those kind of things are I think, but you can miss it if you don't appreciate them.

Anyways, that was kind of tangent. Back to the big day. Hopefully it'll make you appreciate the pictures we got! I can't wait to share them. Some of the things I'd like to always remember about the day....

1. How fun it was to drive with Greg to the temple, we kept say..."We are driving there right now, we are getting married, TODAY!" He got the car cleaned and it looked SO nice. I was really happy that he did that, it's nice to get in a nice clean car on your wedding day.
2. We parked underneath the conference center, and when you park there you have to remember to pick up a token so you don't have to pay for parking. This goes for everybody in the wedding party, free parking. The tricky part is remembering the token! Well, Greg and I were pulling out after all the pictures and were headed to Kaysville for our dinner and reception, We realized as we pulled up to the booth, we had forgotten our token. Great, another interaction with one of these booths and money! Ha ha...not so bad this time. We looked at him in our wedding attire and we said, "Just got married, we promise! But we forgot our token!" He thought for one second and let us pass. Nice! I get by without paying at two is my lucky day and it also happens to be my wedding day.
3. Coming out, I put gum in my mouth to freshen up my breath and I forgot to take it out. And so naturally, I was excited, thrilled, and anxious when I came out to greet everybody and so I have gum in my pictures and great video of me chomping harder then I ever have in my life! Forget this! what am I thinking? How could I forget this!? In addition to forgetting my gum, I didn't even touch up my make up after some crying, I was too excited to get outside! (Example one of many below...the  dreaded GUM is seen!)

4. The lady that was my escort, she was a shorter gal, a little stocky, but humble and to herself. She wasn't overbearing or intrusive, just helpful and kind. She looked like she was in her mid thirties, never married, but enjoyed spending time helping the brides out at the temple. Before we got in our ceremonial clothes, and before we got in our dress, they had beautiful robes for us to wear that made you feel like a queen. The room was full of mirrors and areas to "check" yourself out. It had a few of us brides in there with our mothers and escorts either getting ready to greet our guests out on the temple grounds or go to the sealing room for our wedding ceremony. I felt totally relaxed, excited and at home. It was a heavenly place to be!
5. The time that Greg and I got to spend in the Celestial room before we went to the sealing room. This was a nice time, it really was. Greg and I have spend quite a bit of time in the celestial room talking and thinking. So, it was hard to soak in this moment and make it "unique." We both kept thinking of what was next! Greg's hands were sweaty....but way worse then I had ever witnessed! He started to make my hands look like prunes. I had to keep airing them out. Ha ha...his hands sweat, my armpits sweat, who knows which one is worse! We were glad to be there for the first 5-10 minutes. Then we started to get anxious and wonder when they were going to come escort us to the sealing room where all of guest would be seated. It probably wasn't even that long, but it feels like forever when you are excited!!
6. When we walked in, the room was completely full. My Dad thinks we had about 82 people packed into that sealing room which is supposed to have only 45! I can't tell you how much this meant to Greg and I. We knew it would be a squeeze, but we wanted to have everybody there so we were thrilled to see the sealing room FULL. I tried to look around but I also tried not to. I wanted to see who was there and where everybody was sitting. But I felt kind of silly just staking some long looks around the room. I can tell you who was in the front row for the most part and a little bit of the other rows. Of course, my mother was sitting right next to me with my Grandma Bluemel. My Aunt Nancy and David were in the front row to my right, with Afton Grant, Valissa Pitts, Kellie Rivera, Amy Lott, Faith Joseph, and Sandra Widericksen sitting in the row right behind them. My cousin Megan's husband, Tyler, was standing along the back, my other cousin Derek Ewell and his wife, Laura were standing too. Tanner Widericksen, Sandra's husband was standing as well. I believe my other mission companion, Faith Joseph, had her sweetheart standing too. On my left side, my aunt Aleah, cousin Jessica Baker, Elder Perry's wife, Barbara, Norm and Pauline Butterfield, Landon and Natalie Ewell, and Andrew Ewell. The brain is a funny organ, I don't know why I remember certain things rather then others. I can even tell you the hair style and clothes of those I remember!

Look at all those people!!!
7. At the end of the ceremony, we had a chance to greet everybody. This is when I started to cry. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Here was some of my greatest friends and dearest family members, here on my big day sharing the moment with me. I was so touched! Afton and Guy came from Cody, Wyoming and risked terrible roads, Tim and Jane Sanderson came from Greybull, Wyoming also with bad roads. Then there was Valissa Pitt from Kalispell, MT, Tanner and Sandra from Reno, John, Jaci, Glen, and Aleah from Nevada too, family from Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, and Idaho. I couldn't believe all the effort, time, and money taken to come and be with us. I was so happy! What a wonderful day!
8. Our sealer was Brother Graff, and he is part of the family that owns the well known dealerships in the Salt Lake City area. He was the most passionate and sincere officiator. We gave us simple but true advice! We both were really touched by his invitation for us to always go to church, say our prayers, read our scriptures, to sacrifice, and be obedient to the commandments of God. It wasn't hard to pay attention to him or sense the profound love and faith he has in God. It was one of those things that you walk away really wanting to be a better person, but in an encouraging, I CAN DO IT kind of a feeling! I hope the rest of our guests enjoyed the ceremony and took something away that will benefit their own marriages and families.
9. I didn't have a lot to do with the reception. My mom and her sidekick, Marla Christensen, from Twin Falls, Idaho were the ones behind that scene! It was fun, because besides the colors and what we were eating, I had NO idea what it was going to look like. But I was never worried...and it turned out beautiful! Greg and I were SO pleased. We said a few times, that was a great reception, and it was OUR reception! Who would have thought! We had so much fun seeing and greeting the many guests that came to say hello to us. I thought my mom and Marla decorated the cultural hall (gym) perfectly! It was simple, beautiful, and elegant. The food was to die for, I have to say, we were starving when we go there! I left my "snacks" I packed just in case in a bag that I left in my parents car and we couldn't reach them. I was tempted to go grab something but we held out.
10.My feet were killing me. Greg actually found the lovely things, and they really are the perfect color. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a pair of shoes that are GREEN. Let alone the type of green we had for our wedding...and we even had THREE of them! Greg and I looked through entire malls...yep...I said GREG and I! He went with me! One day, after we had looked, I went to work. Then my sweet fiance kept looking. And BAM...he found some shoes! We had to order them so I wasn't able to try them on. That presented a challenge. I wear a solid ten, sometimes and eleven, but they had only 9.5 and 11 available. WHAT!? If you wear high heels you know that size cannot be compromised or else you will be hurting. At this point it was do or die because there wasn't any more time. So, I ordered the big shoes, thinking I could stuff them if they were too big. And they were definitely too big! So stuff we did! But it was still really hard to walk in them. I happen to think that high heels can be very comfy. Any shoe you wear too long and stand on can give you a foot ache. But these were the worst I can remember! So, after we left and trying not to find ourselves getting a pre-reception meal we went to Wal-Greens to see what they had as far as slippers go. I really didn't want to walk in with my wedding dress on. Greg is always a step ahead and suggested I stay put while he goes in, he just wanted to know the color. He found some lucky slippers that remained my friends for the evening! They were so comfy, I would have been a very unhappy bride in those high heels! So, I wore some slippers with a cute little ball on the toes and I still enjoy them even now!
11. The reception was low key, we planned on having music but we kind of forgot. We didn't notice and we hope it wasn't too much of a bore for guests. We really felt like it was a pretty good mingle for a lot of people. My parents and his parents walked around and talked, we walked around and talked, stood in a line for about 45 minutes, and then ran through a tunnel at the end! My mother and I had a texting joke about this and what we could do. I always like the exit of the bride and groom, so much fun. Our photographer had already gone home so we don't have many pictures...bummer! I am a pictureholic. We have almost 900 photos and would you believe I have a couple that I wished we would have gotten!? One, a picture with my dad, brother, and sister individually. Two, Greg with his siblings and parents individually. And three, a picture of us leaving through the tunnel. Oh well! What I thought was my planned and well thought list didn't bring photo perfection but I have a lot of life to make up for it!

12. I will always remember all the people who made this day a breeze for me. My Aunt Susie who made my bracelet, Marla for the reception decor and food, Aunt Nancy for the reception building and arrangements, Kellie for making my cake/cupcakes and then delivering them, and of course both of our parents. I am sure my list needs to be A LOT is impossible to list everybody. But it seemed like the seamless day for me, I will always remember how helpful and kind so many people were!

There is the bracelet, thanks Aunt Susie, I LOVED it.

13. Greg and I stayed at the famous "Anniversary Inn" on 5th South in Salt Lake City. It is a lovely bread and breakfast. We got a killer deal through an employee discount I have at that location. We stayed in room themed "Romeo and Juliet." It had a balcony, jacuzzi, and curved stairs. Beautiful and very fun room for a couple to spend their wedding night. The supply cheesecake, cookies, and sparkling cider when you get there. Before you leave they bring you a delightful tray of your choice of breakfast foods. We picked a ham and cheese croissant thing. It also came with four glasses of juice and my favorite, a yogurt parfait. You also have free movie rentals if you want to sit back and relax. They have a good variety too. Needless to say, we relaxed, ate, and enjoyed one another's company! It was fun to not have to say good night to my sweetheart....we always would talk about how nice that would be and it hasn't gotten old yet! I still come home from work late sometimes and get excited to snuggle up to  him. Or I get anxious for him to come home! A very nice change from single life.

Okay, these are off the website. We didn't have a nice camera, but here are some pictures to document that we weren't just "dreaming" of this place. We actually got to stay here!


Well, I may think of some more things to add into this wonderful memory. I sure loved every moment. And I really did, I look back on our pictures and I am jealous of that day! I want to do it again. The family, the friends, the exciting feeling, the fun hair and dress, being in the temple on an extra special day, and then celebrating with everybody in the end. I have often heard these type of memories, those that bring happiness when times are a little tougher. The roses that bloom in the dead of winter. This is one of those kind of memories for me.....

Here are just a few pictures, I have about 800 more. I plan on picking my favorites and writing about them. Until they are!
Awesome co-workers...showed up to my reception!

Some of Greg's immediate and extended family.

Greg's parents, my wonderful new in-laws!

Great friends are hard to come by....I love all of these girls. Some of my greatest and closest friends. Thanks for being there!

Some of Greg's closest friends, great guys!

CUTE! Little Mr. Harley, cutest little guy! (Has the softest..."I WANT TO TOUCH THEM" cheeks!_

 We couldn't be more excited!
 WOOOO EEEEE!!!! Here we come!
 NUMBER ONE! Ha ha...
 Woop...don't fall in! Greg and I were joking about me falling in and photographer caught our fun! Love this pic...
Can't get enough of him....

 KISS!!! are slacking!!!!!
 My immediate family!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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