Monday, March 2, 2015

Sloats, Family of 3...Soon to be Family of 4!

 So, I don't have a clue when this little guy will come join us. We are almost 100% ready. I have a few  things I would like to finish up, but if he came tomorrow it would be just fine! We have all the most important things set up. Although, if we finish my list I will be a very pleased mama! Tess and I have been sick, Tess was sick yet again last week. So, it has put a damper on our "girl time." I am trying to make the most of all the time we have when it will be easy to spend some quality time together. I think this week will be a little more exciting and hopefully there will be no more fevers, sore throats, coughing, running/stuffy noses, and body aches. We have some play date plans, visiting new parks, and going out to do our favorite things. With those fun plans to soak up our last few weeks, I still day dream a lot about the moment when Tess will get to meet her little brother. I think it will be a very special moment for me. I couldn't be more excited about that moment, until then...we play and try to get everything done! Who knows when we will get to introduce this sweetheart to the world. Can't wait to meet him. I am going to make this one long, post. I will just add more pictures for the next week or so and it will be the last post I put up until he is born, so I want to be caught up as much as I can. I know I have a billion pictures on our camera I can't get to, but I will be as caught up as I can be! 

35 Weeks

35.5 Weeks, I was at the church doing a den meeting with the cub scouts.  I think one of the boys must have taken this  while I was distracted because I had no knowledge of this picture! Below, you can see my baby bump photo bombed this picture of Tess and her enjoying bath time. WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS!?

36.5 Weeks All my baby bump pictures look the exact same! I think I am trying to make up for lack of baby bump pictures. 

 Lunch time! Recently, Tess has show a great interest in sitting at the table. She will still sit in her high chair a lot of the time, but it may be time for us to get a booster seat. This lunch was after some serious shopping! So, we treated our selves to Farmer Boys...and our favorite over sized zucchini fries! Oh my! Tess loves them too, she could care less about the burger we get with them. It's all about the fries and dipping them in that delicious ranch.
 I finished his car seat canopy! I also sewed two covers for his cradle mattress. Really simple and easy sewing project, but I seriously feel so accomplished when I complete a sewing project.

 Okay, I realize that Tess will look back on all these endless pictures of her and this baby. But, I cannot get over how cute it is. I have not instructed her in any way of how to treat this toy. Yet, she is just so cute with this little doll. She puts skin cream on it's face, hugs it a ton, kisses it a ton, makes it take baths, pretends to change the diaper, wraps it up, etc. I can't get over how natural an instinctive her motherly instincts show with this little doll at only 18 months old. Its amazing!

 Go to sleep baby! 
 Wiping baby's bottom! 

 Showing Tess what I was doing with these sewing projects. She was very "helpful!"

 Tess has also started to show interest in trying whatever it is that we are doing. This night we were cleaning up and assembling the cradle. She helped at every bit of the process! Scrubbed, wiped, and helped with the tools to put it together. 

 Now, if I could only teach her to fold and put away laundry! :) 

 She even wanted to put on some gloves! 

 We have started to do this a little bit. Bringing her doll along with us on our strolls. Just the short ones for now, I think I have included this in a prior post but I like I is just so cute! I can't get over it.

 It's a little hard to keep it on the sidewalk...but she gets better and better! I hope her love of this baby doll means a transition to being thrown into the roll of older sister will be a breeze!

 This is from great-grandma to the new baby boy Sloat! Isn't it cute? It came in the mail and it was so fun to get it. Thank you!

 Here we are at Town Square of Las Vegas. She was really impressed with their water display by the park. She kept going back to it. I really enjoy the story time they hold on Wednesdays. We show up a little bit early to play at the great park they have right by it, enjoy story time, and then grab a treat for lunch at one of the many places right by the park.
 These silly little carts they have for parents to rent at Town Square are a big hit for Tess. She spends at least ten minutes every time we go there sitting in each one. Nobody every rents them, who would, so overpriced.

 Playing at the park! It is a unique place, with a maze, an over sized fun house complete with bridges, slides, and a stage for all these little characters!

 We had a lovely surprise! Greg knew we were there and he had an appointment cancel, so he stopped by to say hello!!!! Awe. It was so fun to see him. You would think we would see him enough since he works so much of the time at home, but we don't! We can't get enough of this wonderful dad and husband.

 Giving dad nuzzles and kisses. 

 We have been talking about going to St. George, UT with another couple in our ward in order to attend a session at the temple. We finally went and it was such a perfect day. We watched their cute little boy, Cooper,  while they attended a session. Then they watched Tess for us. Cooper is just a couple months younger then Tess and they are becoming fast friends! They are both lively and fun. We went to the park, picked up some lunch, and visited great-grandma Rosemary for about an hour. I always love to see Rosemary, she is one of a kind! Tess was excited to see her and gave her kisses and hugs like crazy.

 Playing at the park in St. George! 

 This little girl really enjoys throwing balls, hitting balls, and watching anything with balls. Well, I guess that includes frisbee. She really enjoyed trying to throw a frisbee and got a kick out of the throws she got from Greg. It was pretty cute.

 In this picture, you might think that Tess threw it perfectly! 
 Here she is going for it! 
Here we are! After our session. It was so nice to be together in the temple. I am about 35-36 weeks in this picture. 

 Just a few pictures with dad. 

 We tried a fun new hair style! It turned out pretty good and was fun. A twist with a "twist."

 Going out for another walk sporting her fun new hair style! She is a fancy, stylish mom!

 Story time at Centennial Hills Library! Cell phones are prohibited, but I really wanted to take a quick picture before it started. This little presentation they do with kids is just so cute! We really love going on Mondays, I always look forward to it. Tess is getting better and better at not wandering around and requiring me to redirect her. As long as there is a song, she is pretty content and wants to stay put. But, during a story...if it is long, she gets restless. 
 This may sound crazy to a lot of parents, but shopping is such a battle. These little kids don't want to sit in the cart and hang out. Especially Tess! She comes unglued when we walk in. She wants to get out so badly and explore. She throws a big fit. Well, I had the goal to avoid all use of the cell phone. I usually use it to distract her, Barney is the chosen weapon that almost always works. I wanted to "rise" above TV entertainment and stop using it so much to help me when I can't get her to stay in the cart. What a miracle! It worked. These two pictures are the start and finish. It was a BIG shopping trip too. I hadn't been in far too long in fact that we had curly fries and broccoli for dinner the night before. We were using anything could find! We were at the story for at least 90 minutes, not including check out. I didn't even use it at check out. It was a little miracle. And I plan to make it the goal each time. We sung, I brought lots of toys, stickers, etc. We made it!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I was a huge bum for Valentine's Day. I got Greg some "Rips" candy, I think they cost around $1.66. Poor Greg! He was so good to me, he definitely knows my love language. He cleaned while I took a nap, he made me breakfast, and I took another nap later in the day! He also took us out to lunch at BJ's. A delicious meal!  Rest, good food, and an ultra clean downstairs....oh boy! Making me weak in the knees. I like flowers, candy, etc but if he had asked me what I wanted it would have been exactly what he gave me. Thank you, Greg! 

 If coloring at restaurants only kept her busy for more then 30 seconds to one minute! 

 Greg usually makes Sunday lunch for us...which is breakfast! Blueberry pancakes, German pancakes, breakfast burritos, etc. Greg is terrific at cooking! Tess and I were burning time while he cooked, it has been just beautiful outside! I can't remember the last time I wore long sleeves. I've "had" to buy Tess some summer clothes. What a "burden!" Well, this is a new Sunday outfit, I thought she looked so cute and My little nursery girl, she is looking like such a big girl in her new summer clothes!

 Putting! This little girl absolutely loves the small plastic set of clubs and balls from her Grandpa Bluemel. She plays more with this then any other toy right now. Even more then her baby! She loves hitting that ball! She is getting better and better at it too. She used to never hit it and now she hits it almost every time. 
 A little Sunday nap! 

 Tess is really into trying my things on right now, my shoes, my bras(??), and my shirts now! She found this undershirt in a pile of laundry I had folded. What a hoot! 
While other places in the country our family was having epic snow storms, this is the only white we were enjoying! Beautiful blossoms outside of our home! So pretty. The desert is blooming! 

 This is a new park that we found out about from a friend in the ward! We went with them, Cami and Noah. They had a huge area full of water and tons geese and ducks next to a large waterfall. It was so pretty and Tess loved to see the birds. Then, there was a huge enclosed park with a small kids area and a larger area for bigger kids. There was a huge dinosaur skeleton that had a sand pit in the middle, a splash park, and lots of picnic tables! It is such a terrific park, I loved the fact that the park is enclosed. I am sure it is because of all the water, but it is great. You don't have to chase them back to the park all the time. Tess gets an itch to explore outside the park and it becomes a silly game. It's called the Aliante Discovery Park, it was so neat. Tess's little friend, Noah, is such a sweetheart. I really enjoy his mom and her husband is super nice as well. I am really grateful for the good friends we are making in Las Vegas. Cami is expecting their second as well, a little girl. She is due just a few weeks after me. Close enough that if I went a little late and she went a little early....we could have our babies on the same day! I really enjoy her company and it is fun to have somebody to relate to as you go through pregnancy. Her and Noah go to story time on Mondays at the library too, so we always see them there too. Noah is older then Tess, but he is so nice to Tess. They get along great.

 Cami, Noah, Tess, and I also went to story time at Town Square of Las Vegas the next day! It is such a great story time, a little different from what we do at the library. So, I like that. Changes things up! There is characters, balloon shaping, stories of course, music, and prizes! It is in a children's area with the park right next door. I think I have written about it before, here are some pictures of the actual story time and not just the park.

 Waiting for a balloon, she got right up there, no fear! He had this vest full of sequence on, Tess kept playing with it. So funny! She loved his vest! 
 I wasn't sure what to ask for, so I asked for a flower. She loved it! She chews on them and of course, they loose their air. Then she tries for a while to blow it up again. 

 Noah asked for a fish! I think that is what we will get next time, it came with a fishing pole! He was in heaven playing with that balloon. 
Here we are on the way to play pals! I can't get over how big she looks in her new summer clothes! Really enjoying the weather right now. I wish we could enjoy this weather through the summer, I don't want it to get any hotter! 

 Well, I just can't get over it! I adore this little girl! I even love the way she goes down a slide,  a darn slide! Really, I am that cheesy. She always straightens that leg and cocks the other one! So cute, she must have gone down this slide 15 times this night.

 Down the "big" slide with dad. I went down with her a few days before, but it was not a pretty site! I'd much rather be taking a picture. :) 

The most beautiful sunset as we were leaving the park! 

 So, my Dad went on a golfing trip to Phoenix, AZ. He planned a short layover here in Vegas and we were planning to stop and see him on his way through. Well, as we were planning on leaving in a few hours to go see him we heard much more exciting news. Thanks to the weather in Denver, my dad's flight into Denver was cancelled. He kept his flight here into Vegas, then stayed with us for two nights! What a most pleasant surprise! He and Tess had such a good time. She wanted to play with him constantly! Poor grandpa probably went home tired. She wanted him to change her, sit by her, eat with her, everything! And she threw a fit if I tried, she wanted Grandpa to do it! She is going to be so excited to have him here for over a week when baby brother comes! I am not sure what she will do when he leaves....she certainly adores Grandpa! Although, he does feed her so much candy she throws it up! Ha!

 To celebrate the surprise visit, we took my dad to our favorite place to eat! Here we are waiting and Tess couldn't get enough of running around and playing with Grandpa! 

 Doing some sketching after a bath! 
 Out to lunch with mom. We went to the Town Square story time again and had lunch at Panda Express. It was fun to share a plate....for a few minutes anyway! Then she was off to say hello to other people and checking out the place.
 Making cookies with mom! We desperately needed groceries and I felt bad about Greg having yet another night that I hadn't cooked dinner. He never complains about it and he cooks as much and sometimes more then I do....but, I really wanted him to come home to something delicious. Since we only had the fixings for cookies, I made cookies! For Greg, he will gladly replace his meals with cookies, I cannot do that. So, for him, this wasn't just was dinner! I planned to have Tess helped me and I saved plenty of time to let her....she gladly went for the brown sugar! And was going to town! She got it all over her pants, which you can sort of see here. A good little helper! Or should I say, the perfect little taste tester!
 Our ultrasound shrine! And this isn't even all of the pictures we have. 
 Do you think I need to get her eyes checked? 

 39.5 Weeks! Thanks Tess for helping me hold my dress so it doesn't look like I am wearing a tent. 

Awe!!! And this perfect couple. I think I will conclude this way long post with them. I won't plan on any more updates until our new little family member comes to join us! But, the engagement of these two means so much to all of us. We couldn't be more excited and we are highly anticipating getting to know this angel of a woman and her dear little boy, Benjamin. There is no mistaking the amount of happiness you can enjoy when somebody you love is so very happy! Trevor found his beautiful sweetheart. Welcome to the family Benjamin and Jennifer! We love you! 

Just a few little notes I've been keeping on my phone about him and this pregnancy! 
12/10-felt hiccups for the first time!! 
12/11-had appointment with doc for the first time! The one we will deliver with, Tammy Reynolds. Really liked her. We saw him today! He was a little scrunched up and had his face behind the placenta so we couldn't see it. Sad. 😕 But he had a great heartbeat, 143 bpm. Tess got really excited again!!! Oooo ooo oo! I just love that! Staying with March 5th due date. He measured at 27.5 weeks. We got a few pictures, such a great surprise to get to see him. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Very excited. Officially in 3rd trimester. 
1/12-1/12-I received a blessing today in light of my pregnancy winding down and some of the headaches and such I've been having trouble with. Also getting nervous about labor and everything going smoothly. The missionaries were here for dinner, so as a matter of convenience Greg asked if one would assist in the blessing. Tess was sitting in my lap and was very, very intrigued by the whole process. All three had their hands on my head, so Tess decided she would follow suit and had her hands on my head through a majority of the blessing. It was so cute!! She only stopped to give me a kiss and a hug! When I was pregnant with Tess I was stressed about a possible miscarriage because of bleeding. Greg gave me a blessing and I didn't worry about her making her way into our life. He gave me the same assurance with this little boy. I've been worrying about labor though. I was blessed that both us would make it through labor unharmed. I have the same feeling of confidence! 
1/12- this little boy moves a lot! I have a never ending sore throat through the night and in the morning. I don't sleep well, the headaches on the left side of my face and head are very difficult to deal with, and my energy is dwindling quickly. I've gained so. much. weight. It's been a very tough pregnancy for me. But...I'm really looking forward to meeting this little guy. I can't wait to see him, I'm going to have two buddies to play and have fun with now. 
1/19- 33.5 week ultrasound. Amazing and measuring big! He has hair per the ultrasound technician!! Awe! So cute! He was opening and closing his mouth like crazy and you could tell he was practicing breathing, his little abdomen was busy! I was just smitten, he just looks so darn cute to me. I can't believe it! It's getting close. I'm a little stressed, I don't have everything done. But I'm chipping away at the to do list. I really want the house clean and organized. I have a few craft projects I need to complete, and I want to make sure we have mostly everything for him! I got some socks, pacifiers, pacifier clip, some new wash cloths, and of course I've gotten clothes. 
2/3-Drs appointments down to every week! Today at my check, she said she doesn't expect me to go into labor this week but my cervix is changing. I am dilated to a 1, 50% effaced. He is still pretty high too. 
2/11- 3cm 60% at 37 week appointment. The doctor told me to get to the hospital if I have any consistent contractions. 
2/13- Tour of Mountain View Hospital. I really loved it! They have a lot of the same philosophies and practices that Medical Center of the Rockies does. I think I will like having him there! I was the only one that showed up for the tour, I got a one on one tour. Just loved the nurse, she has been doing it for over 30 years. I got to ask her questions I normally wouldn't in a large group and she gave me lots of wonderful encouragement and advice. The hospital isn't as pretty as where Tess was born, but I don't think there are many hospitals that are! But, this one was very clean, up to date, and it is close to our house. We are skipping over the hospital that is like 2 miles form our house to be closer to our doctor. For some reason, that just makes me feel better. It's only about a 12-15 minute drive to from our house to the entrance. I think we will be just fine! I am getting really anxious about going into labor. I never did on my own with Tess and I really hope to this time around. But, it also makes me nervous. I hope it is obvious and I hope I handle it okay! Being induced has it's pros and cons. We went hopping and skipping in..taking pictures and knew when we needed to be packed by. As long as we don't have to deal with an induction this time, hopefully I will arrive already in labor! 
2/18 & 2/23 both apts I was at 4 cm, 70%, -2. He's hanging out! I have false labor all the time. I am uncomfortable as ever, sleeping is s challenge, but other then that I feel great. Your sister and I are running around having fun waiting for you! I  hoping you come on your own but regardless, we have a great doctors, a good hospital, and you'll come safely no matter what. Everybody is excited to meet you and I can't wait for you and Tess to meet! You are such a  little mover! Especially right now!

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