Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Matters

I used to love the show, "Family Matters." Well, it's a great really does matter. So, Tess is really into Barney. Never thought I'd break my rule of no TV before two...but, I have! It makes me sad and stresses me out but when I need to find something for her to do and everything else has failed or I am in a big hurry. Barney does it. Well, for Greg and's something they do to pass the time. I find them hanging out watching their shows here and there. It makes me cringe and makes me smile all at the same time. It makes me always think, she watches WAY TOO MUCH TV! 

 Out for pizza on our pizza night...we wanted to dine out instead of in! Tess was worried the whole night that her Dad hadn't gotten enough to eat and kept feeding him. Unspoken rule when we go out to eat since Tess always eats next to me at gets her OWN BENCH. Tess and dad sit on the other side. It's a little perk I always enjoy. 

 Having the missionaries over for dinner. 
 A hike at red rocks, I really wasn't feeling great this morning. I was already feeling my headache settle in and sometimes it made me nauseated. Well, this happen to be one of those mornings. Getting out in the fresh air proved to be the best medicine. We didn't hike very long or very far, I mostly waddled (literally) behind and I probably spent more time taking pictures then walking but hey! What a great memory. I just adore these two rascals, and I hope they both look back on these pictures and enjoy them. I loved watching her and Greg climb around, walk, and play while I waddled and rested at one point.

 Mom, would you like a bite? 
 One of my favorite pictures, the only thing that could have made it any cuter was if Tess had been looking the same direction as Greg. Greg was admiring a rock climbing wall. 

 She really enjoys climbing around! I am thinking we won't have to talk her into going when she is old enough to fit in a harness. 


 A couple of rare pictures of Tess and I! Same day, same 5 minutes. I saw the picture above and can't even see my belly! I just look chubby! So, I had to change shirts so the baby belly could be seen. I am about 33 weeks in this picture. 

 We hiked again, this time with another couple and their adorable son! We didn't take a picture with them though. Next time! It was a fun day, did a slightly longer hike and then ate at Red Robin afterwards. I am about 34 weeks here.

 Ashley and Austin Angus came to Vegas to enjoy the "Shot Show." A HUGE production here in Vegas that I had never heard of. But it was fun to hear about it from these two. They stayed with us, and we are so glad they did. It was fun to have family and they were terrific company. I always worry that we are kind of boring to visit, but we really love to have visitors. Before they left we went to see Hoover Dam. It's impressive and a quick place to see too. The water is so green and pretty. I always hate heights, every time I am on something high, and these walls were built low to look over the edge, I feel like my body wants to JUMP. Totally freaks me out.

 Ha ha! Another one of those sneaky pictures, each of them pinned to their screen. CRINGE, SMILE. It probably makes it seem like Greg is the only one who turns on Barney...he isn't, but I cringe when either of us turn it on! Hopefully my cringing will keep us in check and keep us off the screens!
And, me and my little girly. She is such a terrific snuggle bug. It's been hard to really get a good snuggle in because of my belly and I don't want to squish the little guy! But she seems to always find a way to give me the best hugs and kisses. There is nothing better then a smacking kiss from Tess! And when she is on a role and giving kisses, she gives lots of them! She also learned a funny nuzzle from Greg that she goes wild with too. Between snuggles, kisses, and nuzzles from Tess....I am not sure life could be any sweeter! One of the many reasons I sometimes wish she could stay small forever....I know she won't do that forever. I hope the little guy joining our family will be affectionate too...I love these kids! In this picture, I am about 34 weeks along! Just a month and a half to go!!!! 


  1. Tess is so stinkin' cute!!! I love her pig tails you do in her hair, I also love her in her deep blues that you put her in. Your baby belly looks great. And all of your fun outdoor hikes look amazing. Got love being able to get outdoors!!

  2. How cute! Good job on the hike so far along! NICE!!!