Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

 It is fire season in Colorado, and that makes my Dad a very busy man! He traveled to Colorado Springs the day before Father's day and was extremely busy helping home owners that had lost their homes in the fire. We didn't get to celebrate with him, so we did the very next Sunday! We had spaghetti and meatballs, salad, breadsticks, and sugar cookies. The cookies were my dad's request. We had them as an appetizer and dessert. Then, we sent a giant one home with him along with a plate full! Hopefully he got his fill of sugar cookies. I am surrounded by wonderful men and fathers! I am so lucky, the line of perfect men never ends: Greg, Dad, Bart, Grandpa Bluemel, brothers, and brothers in law! Not to mention terrific cousins and friends! I have an endless amount of terrific men to call upon, council with, depend on, and look up to. They are all stalwart fathers and father's to be.
 I adore my Dad. He spoils us, I don't think we could ever say thank you enough for all he has done and does do for me. But, as a tribute to the wonderful parents I have had, I plan to do my best as a parent myself and carry on their legacy of love and commitment to family.

 The progress of Tess' baby blanket! My mom was like a machine. My dad and I helped what we could but she spent so much of her time doing it and she is so quick at quilting, we can barely say we did anything. She completed it after many, many hours of work and it looks amazing! Better then I could have even hoped for. So, here is Tess' crib quilt....

 Oh yes! This is serious, Serious Texas BBQ, actually. Greg loves this place and we go there every so often. A camera can't do the view justice. You can sit outside and the only thing behind you is a beautiful field and mountains. Treat yourself to a delicious BBQ sandwich and an amazing view....

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