Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ben, Amanda, and Iris' Visit!

From our night in Fort Collins, the Clydesdales were strolling through town. They had a constant crowd following them, taking pictures!

Ben, Amanda, and Amanda's sister Iris came to visit! It was so much fun to have them. They came on Thursday night and left Sunday morning. We had to work on Friday, so they went up to Estes Park/Rocky Mountains for the day. We fixed dinner for everybody that night and we watched a movie afterwards. Saturday, we headed to Denver. Greg and I went with our youth to do baptisms at the Denver Temple. Amanda, Ben, and Iris stopped by to see the temple grounds and went downtown to walk around and eat some lunch. We met them back at our apartment and went to the baby shower together. Ben and Greg watched the little kids at the park down the street while us ladies ate and chatted. We had a good time, with great food, wonderful company, and fun conversation.

BABY SHOWER!!! June 15, 2013


Jenseena Cook, the host, made some delicious food! We had a fruit salad, veggies, and meat/cheese roll ups. To top it off she made a cute truffle. We all enjoyed the food, especially the lemonade. It was particularly hot during the shower!
The Cook's two older boys, Kendall and Ashton.

My cousin, Brooke, and Kendal swinging away. 
My cousin, Kerri. 
My wonderful Mom and Brooke. 
Little sis, Paige, acting surprised. 
My friend Stephanie from nursing school and her daughter, Madison.

My cousin, Angie Hanson, and Mom! 
Kerri, Brooke, and Lori von Kampen. They were all dressed cute! 
Stephanie again, and Linda Valentine from our ward here in Greeley. Jenseena Cook is also from our ward. We have been visiting teaching her for 6 months or more. We have become terrific friends and she was really generous to host a baby shower for me. I honestly hadn't planned on having one, we just don't know many people and I figured I shouldn't count on it. It was really exciting to have her offer. I was really excited! Baby showers are so much fun, I wanted to have a party to celebrate the coming of our first. 
Stephanie got us: two shirts, pair of shorts, and two adorable onsies! I can't wait to use all these clothes we got! She is going to be one well dressed little girl.

From Linda Valentine, funny enough, Greg had already picked this out for Tess to wear home from the hospital. So, this is "the" going home outfit. So cute! 
These little legging outfits with the jacket, are my favorite! I just love the little jackets. They look like little sophisticated outfits. Perfect for a little girl. As you may or may not be able to pick out in this picture below, the onsie that goes with it says, "I love Daddy."
The Host and her little one, Ben. He is almost 7 months old. 

From my  Mom and Dad! 
A nursing pillow! I have heard these are one of the best things for moms to have. A nice way to have a comfortable feeding with your little one or, to prop them up when they get older and have a little time playing on the floor. I love the monkey and we will use this for years to come with all our babies. 

From Kerri von Kampen, an adorable little skirt. 

From Brooke! A dress she will be able to wear next summer. I can't wait to see her in it. 
Tess' first official book is from .....Aunt Lori von Kampen. It's a counting book. It sits proudly on her little bookcase all alone. But we are going to find it some company! 
From Aunt Lori too...a dress for next summer. Good thing! She is building up plenty of clothes for when she first comes but as I have heard, they grow like weeds. It'll be nice to have some clothes for her to wear when she is older. I loved these little dresses form the von Kampens.

 A video monitor form Mom and Dad!!!! We can literally keep an eye on her DAY and NIGHT. We have already played with it. It has two way talk, lullabies, night vision, etc. This certainly will be handy.
 This is from Angie Hanson, my cousin. Creative girl! She gave us a reef of diapers, onsies, pacifiers, bows, and teething toys. I have kept the reef and I plan to do something with it, try to get my own creative juices flowing. Such a cute gift.
 Here, Paige, try to bow on.....
 looks great!

 From Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel. A gorgeous receiving blanket!

 From the Houghtons.....

 An outfit for her when she is about 9 months old....
 And another adorable receiving blanket!
 Where did Paige go!? Ben teased on our way to the shower that their gift was too big to fit in our little car. I thought he was joking!

 It's a fold up wagon! We can't wait to use it, we had been talking just a few days before that we needed to keep our eyes open for a wagon. Well, they read our minds!
 This is from my sister, Paige. Awesome gift sis! It's going to be so nice to have, it's got a little sling for newborns. This will be so handy! A comfy bath for little baby Tess and her siblings that will follow.

 Linda Valentine holding Ben Cook. She was so thoughtful to come. I didn't have many people to invite, I just am not much of a social butterfly and I serve in Young Women so I never get to know the Relief Society ladies. Besides Jenseena, it meant a lot to me that she showed up even though I haven't spent much time around her.
 Loved how creative Jenseena was on this truffle....
Soooo hot! Whew, we were glad when it started to cool off that night....we were off to downtown Fort Collins to have some dinner and walk around. Fort Collins always has people singing, bands playing, and other such things going on. We weren't disappointed. We even saw the famous Budweiser Clydesdales! Sunday morning, we had a nice breakfast and our visitors took off. We loved having them, and it was so fun to have family from out of town at the baby shower! Thanks for coming to visit Ben, Amanda, and Iris! Come again! 

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