Sunday, March 17, 2013

22-23 Weeks

I have some earlier belly pictures, but I will start with these ones since I already have the pictures loaded on my computer. We also have some really neat ultrasound pictures at 20 weeks and at 22 weeks we have some 3D ultrasound pictures that I can't stop looking at! The 20 week videos have been played over and over again too...I just can't get enough of seeing this little girl we are going to have join us. I have a lot to say and pictures to put up, but for now, before I can pay my first experience being pregnant some due justice, I want to put up at least one belly picture. Drum it is!

 We took some before church and I thought they were silly looking. So, I told Greg we needed to retake them and get some decent shots. We need a better background but it'll be kind of cool to see the apartment we lived in while we were expecting little Miss Tess so I guess it is fitting! He was trying to make me smile naturally so I didn't look like I had a belly ache or something like the other pictures. But, even though I definitely have a belly I try to protrude it of course for belly pictures. So, he is making me laugh so hard that I can't stop which is not good for pushing the belly out!
 Here we go, I can't smile naturally so we go for the serious look....
and out of the corner of my eye there you might be able to tell that I was about to start laughing again. 

I never thought I'd be so happy to join a club, the "take a picture of my belly and publish it club!"

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