Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary!

We had a wonderful anniversary, we decided to go out to a nice place in Denver and just enjoy some quality time. I found out about 10 days before this that we were expecting our first child. So, I was starting to feel a little tired and a little nauseated which has now gone away for the most part. Overall though, it was a perfect night. The food was fun to look at and fun to eat. 

Greg surprised me with gorgeous flowers, such a thoughtful guy! I really loved them.  

Empanadas, they were extremely delicious. Why do they always give so few!? But, I loved the arrangement on the plate. 

Here comes our food, they put it on fire just for us! 

Greg got his favorite, carnitas. 

I got one of my favorites, fajitas. You can't tell, but they really had it arranged so neat. The rice was in a pyramid, and then you can kind of see the tortilla accent to the guacamole. YUM! 

And of course, dessert. We got a delicious bread pudding.

Hard to believe a whole year has passed, not that long really, but relative to us-it seems like we have been together  a while! Everybody says the first year is the hardest, I think we were lucky or ignorant because it was an amazing 1st year, and it just keeps getting better! 


  1. Wohoo for Greg and Chelsea baby #1---gonna be super adorable!!!!! Happy Anniversary too!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!! SO SO SO SO excited for you too! You will be amazing parents! :) And I'm sure it will be the most beautiful baby! Congratulations :)

  3. We pray for baby Sloat every day, along with the mother/father!

  4. Congratulations Chelsea and Greg!! So excited for you!