Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where do I start!?

Well, I don't know where to start. We have had a really good summer...I guess it is quickly coming to an end. Sad! We went to my high school reunion the middle of July. I can see why a lot of people don't make an effort to go and if they do, they wait till the 30+ reunions. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED high school. I have nothing but good memories. I had terrific memories and was involved in a lot of fun activities. I expect the reunion to be free for all, everybody really excited to see each other, people excited to know what you have been up to and to meet your sweetheart-if you brought one. At least, that was what I had pictured. I was really excited to introduce Greg and to get caught up with a lot of people. For the most part, I really haven't kept in touch at all with any of my high school friends. Everybody there, I hadn't seen since we graduated 10 years ago. I was shocked to see how "clicky" people still were. It was a flash back to see all the people off in their respective groups only talking to each other. My buddies that hung out in high school, came together, and then huddled in around tables together to chat. It was weird! It was pretty much everybody that did it too.

On the other hand, even though it was just a few,  the people that were friendly and inquisitive were extremely fun to catch up with! It made the trip totally worth it and we decided to stay a lot longer then we had originally planned.  It started at 7:00 and so we figured we would stay a couple hours and then jet because we had a three hour drive home. To be fashionably late we showed up at 7:30 and the place was vacant! People didn't really start showing up until 8:30. We stayed a couple hours still and it made for a late night but, for the good memory, it was worth it. I had a lot of fun showing Greg around my hometown! We went and saw the houses I grew up in, the schools I attended, church we went to, and the neighborhood we had our paper route for so many years. Casper is a good little town, we had fun doing our own little tour of the place I grew up. It has changed a lot, but still feels like the same good ol' Wyoming hometown.

 The first house we lived in, the best place ever for night games! We played  EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT!
There needs to be more neighborhoods like this one, where kids can't wait to get out and play hide and seek instead of checking their facebook status! I love the days when making sure you had a good bike and set of roller blades instead of a new iPhone were the norm!

Some more pictures of our one day tour of Casper...
 Where my mom taught and Paige went to school.
 A few neat updates of the school! I used to play on an old dirty field here, we practiced soccer and did some training for track and field. Now, they have some fancy Astroturf.
Some things haven't changed, I was amazed at how they hadn't really updated very many things. I think most things hadn't been updated. We did find out there will be a new high school built in the next few years though! Go Trojans!

 Greg and I are really getting comfy here in the "greenie" state. We enjoy doing things with my parents and now, we are working at the same place! We eat lunch together, and go home and go to work at the same time. Much better then our schedule in Utah where we worked opposite shifts!
Here is Greg doing some "manly" stuff!

We also welcomed home my little brother, Trey, from his mission in Chile! He looks so good, is so sharp, and it was amazing to celebrate the honorable return of such a truly hardworking and passionate missionary.

 On our way, Greg couldn't join us because he had to work so I gave him some little updates. It was so fun to anticipate him coming home, we couldn't wait to see him. His letters were captivating and inspiring, each week his letters sparked a little bit of encouragement to do and be a little better.

 We were so anxious we got there early, so we had  a little bit to eat to burn some time.
 Still waiting.....
 And waiting some more....
 Finally! I am surround by good looking guys, my husband, brothers...whoa!

On our way to the luggage and we can't wait to get reacquainted! 

We had some dessert and invited people over to come say hello and welcome Trey home. Poor kid, he never complained but he must have been so SO tired! He hadn't had a night's rest in 24 hours! We didn't waste anytime keeping him up trying to chat and then getting him up really early so we could leave for Wisconsin! It was fun to leave the next day on a trip, gave us the perfect opportunity to pick his brain about all the memories and experiences from his mission. Trevor, Trey, and I road in Trevor's car as we chatted the whole time. The boys wore me out! I had to rest a little, but Trevor and Trey never did stop with their excited back and forth conversation. It's fun to see brothers so close!
 On our way to Milwaukee, we stayed with Danelle and Ryan in Madison. They are SO hospitable! I just loved being at their house on the way home and the way back. Great food, good company, and clean beds made so neatly! We hit up the cheese head factory before we headed to Milwaukee. YUM!  And this little guy Trey is holding, Reed, I can't get enough of this little ball of personality!
Thanks Dannelle and Ryan for always being so good to us and being so welcoming. We loved your food, company, and comfy beds.

This is!??? He he goes, his home for the next year or so! We loved this quaint little apartment that was so clean and perfect for a guy who wants to live on his own. We unpacked everything and set everything up in one day! We had a few errands to run the next day to make his apartment complete but we were pretty happy with the result. He now is set up with a washer and dryer, table, couch, bed, bookcases, study desk with his own study room, new decorations, and a freshly DI spray painted coffee table! We stayed there a few nights while we helped gather up all the essentials and did some touring of Milwaukee. Needless to say, it will be nice when Trevor has a better command of the place so we can actually do some touring. We really just ended up noting being able to find anything and spent an hour walking in the rain. I love hearing from him and hearing about his classes and learning. It is really piling on, so we have been remembering him in our prayers, hoping that he will be able to absorb all of the information while not going crazy at the same time. He has worked so hard to get to medical school, and it has been his dream since he was a little trike, it is touching to see him do what he has always dreamed of. He is going to be an amazing doctor.

This doesn't do it justice, my mom set up some neat murals behind the couch and you can't really see the cool lamp Trevor bought on the left. But, the lap blanket and pillows were so homey and inviting. My mom spent hours putting quilts together, blankets, pillow cases, and furniture. She did a great job.


Then it was on to Nauvoo, IL. I have never been there before. We arrived late after leaving from a fun time at Danelle and Ryan's on our way back from Milwaukee. We drove right to the temple even though it was pretty late, it was breathtaking to say the lease. Even better on the inside...

The rest of the Nauvoo trip will be on the next entry...

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