Sunday, March 25, 2012

Festival of Colors

Okay, who in Utah County that is even near the college age hasn't been to the Festival of Colors!? I am sure there aren't many! At least everybody has heard of it. My brother and his fiance decided to come join us this weekend and the plan was to hang out and eat junk food, play games, and chat on Friday night. Then get up early, eat a stellar breakfast and go to the festival of colors! Here was our experience.....
We got together about 8:30 and had a good breakfast, but we  had an even better time chatting!

Ashley and Mike, getting their fruit all cut!

Digging in....right to left: Greg, Trevor, Celsiee.

Trevor, Ashley, Mike, Greg

Walking to the Hindu temple where we hope to have some fun.

It's a good view on our way.....amazing!!!!

Look at the difference...dirty on the left and clean on the right!

Check out all those people!!!!

Mike, Ashley, Greg, Chelsea, Trevor, and Celsiee

Just the beginning!!!

Once you walk in you buy some colored chalk that has been scented. Sticks to you like crazy and it is so funny to throw it on yourself and others!

Greg, Mike, Ashley, Trevor, Celsiee

Just adding more and more color....

And more!!!

Put on your game face!

Look at all those crazy people!!! Ha through it on each other but they hold one big color throw. And you literally can't see or breath for like 30 seconds. It is really crazy!

Greg and I are still blowing out chalk and our eyes are still irritated but it was fun to go out and experience it! The music was fun, the company was amazing, and shower afterwards was transforming!

On a little Sunday afternoon walk, not a bad sunset.....

Excited to be out side for some good sunsets this summer!

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  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE and miss you all!