Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Blast to the Past #1

Well,  let's just say I have missed a few photos. After looking through these photos, I realize how much more I need to use my good camera and learn how to use it better! Some of these pictures are adorable, and I could never take them with my phone. I have loved looking at these and during this special holiday season I feel especially grateful for my life, my children, my patient spouse, and the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. 

 I have posted about her birthday but I didn't have these pictures! 

 Trying out her tunnel we gave her. 

 Camping trip in Utah! So much fun with friends. 

I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Kash here. 

She was SO dirty and she was having SO much fun! 

 Fun with cousins! Reed, Anne, and their kids were in Utah and we got to spend an evening with them. So much fun to see them and to meet Mr. William for the first time. Tess had so much fun with Ella. 

 12 Month pictures and announcement pictures! 

Hanging out with Grammy...helping her get ready. 

 My Uncle Doug passed away suddenly of cardiac arrest, so we traveled to Arizona in September 2014 for the funeral. We enjoyed some swimming and seeing family. It was not fun to say good bye and see the way it has affected my aunt and cousins. I can't imagine how difficult it was. The funeral was a beautiful tribute. 

 Petting zoo with our play group! Tess LOVED the goats. 

She loved this activity! She went from one thing to the next...

 Conference time-our favorite two weekends. 

 Heading in to find out the gender of our sweet boy! It was totally obvious. :) 

I was trying hard not to think and be anxious! But I am totally faking it, they ended up being way behind and it was torture waiting! 

 Playing at Grandpa and Grandma Bluemel's in Colorado!

On to more pictures for this family journal!