Sunday, November 29, 2015

Life As A Family of 4

Family Pictures-As a family of FOUR!
(I just posted Kash's birth story complete with pictures too!)
Poor Kash cut two teeth that night. He was not in the best mood. But he is seriously handsome anyways and Tess was such a good girl! She had some great cheesers for the camera! 

The most precious thing I have ever seen! We love these two more then words could possibly express. 

Unfortunately, I have gotten so far behind that I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of catching up. So, I am going to just upload pictures and write about them. I'll start with this post, on taking all the rest of the pictures from our nice camera since his birth. Then, I'll do all the pictures on my phone. It will just be in the order they were taken on each device. Then, I can have a clean slate and with a new application on my phone-it'll be easy to keep up! So, here we go!

 These are still at the hospital. Cash is just so bruised and red. The colors in this picture almost look fake, maybe he was that banged up. Poor little guy. And now that it is almost 9 months later, Tess looks so small. What a wonderful and bright big sister she is!

Getting some fresh air when he is only a few days old. 

Kash's first bath at home. 

Cute helper!

Kash's blessing! March 29, 2015

It's sort of funny to see the progression of these photos! 


He has such a sweet little cry, it's hard to take him seriously! It's fun to blog later-brings back so many good memories. 

My favorite! 

One month old and the sweetest little man I have ever seen! 

He would always put his head like that even if I put it straight and supported it! Looks so uncomfortable but he liked it. 

This sweet face. :) 

 Now, it's on to Trevor and Jen's wedding! These are a few pictures from her baby shower. What a wonderful and fun occasion to celebrate. They are a dynamite couple!

Such a great day!

That is about it for the camera, now it is on to some random stuff and it'll be out of order. Bummer, I am just grateful to have a venue to jot down my thoughts and somewhat keep track of events and such that has occurred in our lives. So grateful for how good our Heavenly Father is to us and how much strength and hope we feel because of His Son's plan.  It is a good life!

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