Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My New Everyday Normal

 This afternoon is turning out to be my favorite kind of normal. Of course, most days are not...mmm, "what shall I do now" type of days. There is always something to do right now with my LPN boards and moving. But, I am loving how I have more afternoons of...everything on my "list" is done, the house is clean, the baby is fed, and she is playing happily while I watch and talk to her the way mom's and little babies do. I can work on my projects, like an afghan I am doing for a baby. Or...this post! I love afternoons like this, and all of them similar. It's when my "cup runneth over" and I wonder how I got so lucky to have a little girl with such a fun and cute personality and a handsome sweetheart that supports me lovin' on her everyday, all day. I love being a stay at home mom. So, with the curtains wide open, and the nice sunshine glowing through, I'll write this post!

First time without her special bath! She loved it. Now, it's our new norm. She didn't like being immersed in the water if we laid her back. She loves it now! 

Why we take a bath! Too much fun playing in our food. 

Give me that, mom. I want to see that. 

Cutest little smile I have ever seen!!! 

Excitement! Look at those eyelashes! Whew! Love those eyes. 

Lots of laughs! You can even see those cute two little teeth if you look hard enough. She is getting more teeth. This time on the top. She is getting her 4 front teeth, but the side two are coming in much quicker then the front! So, she will have an even cuter smile with those little fangs! 

Close your eyes! We have cute butt cheeks! 

 The roll over! She started rolling over again recently, this is how she does it at least 1/2 of the time. She rolls over her arm and then pulls it out. Sometimes it makes her made, I can see looks like it would hurt! 

Not a happy look. 

Ah! It's out, that is better. 

Just a few little close ups! 

Playing in bubbles! I imagine with the right knowledge, skill, and imagination this would have been a  fun picture to take. For now, with me blowing bubbles and pushing the button. Well, you get the idea. It's cute but I'd love to see what other fun little smiles and such we can get! 


I came up with this new idea to clean the house. Tess really likes to have company and I feel better if I can always see her. So, we have a mobile play pen! I set her up with some toys and put her in the laundry basket. We have fun pushing her form room to room, and I pick up while she plays. It works great! 

Or...she hangs out here and plays. 

Tess is our little monkey, she claps her feet. It even makes a sound. She does it all the time! So funny. 

My little angel...

I saw this in a picture the other day, of a friend who lets her son play in the lids. I thought it was a genius idea. I tried it, and Tess got a kick out of it. So much fun to rip those lids out! 

Now, back to the fun! 

Another bath, another night, same dirty face! 

I wish there wasn't a shadow there!

My favorite....

She definitely gets excited to see Greg. I think we may have a daddy's girl o our hands...

Playing race boat in the tub.

Learning to crawl! She scoots backwards, but it makes her really mad...because she is trying to move forward! It's so neat to see her try. She gets on her knees and rocks a little bit but she has only done that a few times. 

Trying so hard.....

Giving up! But she is awfully good at pushing up her torso off the floor! 

This is fun! 

When she is down for her nap, I try to put all her toys out in an "inviting" fashion. Then, I like to watch her look at things and tear it up. 

I like to hide her little toys in those cups and she loves to turn them over and pull the toys out and then play with the cup. We don't need toys, just give the girl cups! 

All turned over...

Toys are gone..

And chewed on! 

Ooo...lovely little monster. She loves this thing. 

Monkey feet and toes at work again....she tries grasping with her toes too. 

Now, for the toy that she loves the most!
Let's take a really good look...

Even better!! 

Then roll around the place and check things out while I squeal. What a girl! I can't imagine any little human being cuter. Awe, love her so much.

Rolling around still. 

And I get to crochet a little, with some relaxing thoughts about nothing and enjoying the moment. What a life we have. So grateful for family...and forever family. 

Trying to get places again. Go Tess! 

Just a few more of our day today....

Trying to get a photo of her cute teeth! But she is trying to eat my finger instead. 

Oh, there we are! But, she is not happy about it. Sorry Tess. 

Definitely like the smiles better! 

Giggling like crazy! She thought this little sheep was so funny...

There is a tooth photo! 

No, this is definitely my favorite!!!


  1. Very Cute pictures of Tess! I love your idea of moving her around in a laundry basket! That's wonderful!

  2. Tess is just stinkin' adorable! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!