Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Formal Pictures

I have a friend from my mission that takes pictures here and there and has a business that is really picking up. I asked her a long time ago to take some family pictures of us, with the focus being on Tess. She was exactly 9 days old. Most of the newborn pictures I have ever seen, the baby is sleeping. Not Tess! She was wide awake, well, you can tell in the pictures she is sleepy...just didn't want to miss the party. So, she fought falling asleep the whole time. Made taking pictures hard, but she got some really cute pictures anyway!

My good friend from nursing school, Stephanie Gasper, also is trying to dabble in photography. We played phone tag before we finally got this done, but her pictures turned out really cute too! She as a day over one month old in Stephanie's pictures.


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