Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last Pregnancy Post!

38 Weeks

Greg finally saw his first rodeo!
 We brought some "treat" money and I thought I overshot the amount we would need. Turns out, I underestimated the cost of carnival food! Holy moly! We made due and shared some treats. Greg got a GIANT corn dog. We both like corn dogs, but after a couple of bites, this is literally all he got down. It grossed him out big time! So, he stuck to a funnel cake for his treat and I enjoyed Hawaiian shaved ice.
 We had a terrific 4th of July! It is my favorite holiday. Greg and I relaxed and did some housework and then met up with Ammon, Justin, Rheanna, and their cute kids. We had a delicious BBQ with some Armenian seasoned and cooked pork chops. So good! Greg and I were in charge of watermelon, think I bought enough. I have REALLY enjoyed watermelon this summer.

 After enjoying some good eats and company we made some desserts for the arrival of my family later that night. Last year, Greg made a coconut cake with blueberries and strawberries on top in the shape of an American flag. We decided to keep the tradition going and it turned out just as good. Trey brought home a girl, Molly, to introduce us to. We were all so excited because none of us have ever even heard him talk about dating and now he is bringing a girl home! We made her favorite cookie, peanut butter with Reeses in the middle. My personal favorite! When they got home, we enjoyed some dessert and took some cookies with us to snack on while we enjoyed fireworks. It was fun, and we enjoyed meeting Trey's significant other.

 As you can tell....they had quite a little fire where they were lighting the fireworks. Much to my dad's dismay, he is the one that handles those claims if they destroy property. I guess the firemen kept it under control because we never heard a thing about it!

38.5 weeks


39 Week "selfies"


 I guess I was really believed that baby Tess might come early, I did! Even though I knew that didn't matter. Most first time mothers go over their due date. But the prospect of putting my little girl with a baby sitter at only a month old gives me a lot of grief. So, I have hoped she would come early! Well, I am due in three days and it appears as if she may be as comfy as ever inside there. Greg and I have talked a lot about what we should do, induce? Well, we both like the idea of having her come when she is ready so we have held out hoping she will come! I go walking all the time, Greg gives me back and foot massages, I take primrose oil, and drink herbal raspberry leaf tea. These are all supposed to contribute to the softening of the cervix which is supposed to also help bring labor along. At my 39 week appointment, I was measured and am dilated to 2 cm and effaced 80 percent. Maybe it is working! Actually, those numbers don't tell us at all when I will have her, just that signs of labor are occurring. Some women could be dilated and effaced more then I am for weeks! So, I continue to walk....

I usually walk here, at Sandborn park and walk laps around this pond. I love it, the mornings are so beautiful and I love just listening to the birds chip and the fish jump. I keep track of my walks on this application, and I am pretty proud that I have been fairly good at walking around 10-15 miles per week. Some of my walks are only 30 minutes, some are almost two hours. I wish I had walked my whole pregnancy, I really feel good when I walk.
This was one of my longer walks, I keep track of all of them. I can definitely tell which days I have more energy and which days I kind of waddle along. I almost walked 6 miles this day. In fact, I think I walked over 6 miles. This GPS is kind of off a little bit. But who is counting!? I made this walk when I was exactly 39 weeks pregnant.  Walking really helps the swelling in my feet, but makes the swelling in my hands worse!
They always feel SO weird. A comparison picture....
I found a new, very nice, little contraption for additional help with the feet. It is a cold, tight wrap that my dad is letting me use! I know the cold pack doesn't help the swelling go down, but it feels marvelous. The tightness on the skin definitely helps, especially as I keep my feet up while they are wrapped.
I also wanted to document the application I used through the ENTIRE pregnancy, even when I was only 5 weeks along. I look forward to every Wednesday when we can say that we have gotten a week closer! Every Wednesday I would ask Greg, "do you know what today is!?" And we would read some general things in the application about her general development for the week. It would give us comparisons to how big she is, like at 37-40 weeks they compare her to the size of a watermelon. A little round for a baby but alright, you get the idea? I guess? I did like the comparisons because I could picture about how big she was.
 I decided to do my walking while the guys played golf on this morning! Greg wanted me to go just in case I started labor. I had fun!  What a beautiful morning it was on the 13th. Nice and cool outside and fun to watch some golf! I like to be the irritating cheerleader that cheers for things I am not supposed to. Really, when I hit a golf ball, I am just really glad if I hit it and it goes further then 30 yards. I don't really care where it goes. So, my cheering for others seems to lead in the same direction! I guess I need to be a little more picky about what I cheer about. We started the game at 5:30 am, so it was nice and early. A great way to start the day!

 39 weeks and 3 days!

 I thought the shadow pictures were funny....
 Then my dad joined in! Push the belly out!
 Hopefully these will be the LAST Sunday pictures I EVER take pregnant. I am thinking....she should come tonight! The 14th sounds like a perfect birthday for baby Tess....


Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!
I love toe nail polish. I love nail polish, period! I can't reach my feet comfortably and so painting them isn't fun. I have this weird nesting idea that my toe nails need to be a color I really like and they have to look good before I go to the hospital. I have reached a point where I asked Greg if he would paint them for the big day and he gladly did it!
Step One: The initial color!
 Step Two: add some pizazz! In this case, glitter.
 Step three: touch ups! He even got my blow dryer and tried to speed up the drying process.
They turned out great! And I really enjoyed getting my nails done.


  1. Loved the post! Next Tess!! So excited to see her. You both look especially Chelsea! Good luck, hope labor and delivery goes smoothly!

  2. Good luck!! I hope she comes soon!

    *Chipotle, as spicy as I could handle it, got things moving for me with baby #2 =)