Wednesday, June 13, 2012

911 Help!

We are kind of settling down here is least we are trying not to get "too" comfy in my parents home. We have had fun together so far! We have been running, biking, boating, hitting golf balls, playing tennis, and eating some serious good meals. My mom and I are trading off during the week cooking, it's fun to cook just a few times a week and still get amazing meals on the other days too. It has been so good to have their help, we would have had a hard time without it! I probably wouldn't have been able to come for a while because we are still trying to get rid of a lease we are committed to in Utah. Since we didn't have to find anything right away, I have been able to spend time looking for somebody to buy it from us and then start looking more serious for a place for us to officially call home.

 I am still looking for a job but have applied for many and I have already had one interview! I should know in a couple weeks if I got it. I am hoping for some more interviews in the meantime. As I have expressed before, I was really concerned about Greg liking the day to day tasks of  insurance underwriting. I am happy to report, that not only is it exciting for him to have a full-time, career-starting position but he really does enjoy underwriting! Economics was one thing he thought that he would enjoy going back to school for if he hadn't picked teaching. He reports that his job is a lot like economics and he finds the information and training interesting...he has even called some meetings fascinating!

His first week was "founders" week and so Greg got spoiled a little, "a great week to start" he would say. He got all kinds of swag, candy, pop, and lunch during this week. He has also had the chance to meet some people who are part of State Farms upper management, like the VPs and such. He is loving it, and they call his group the "dream team!" A bunch of young bucks out to conquer the world, all motivated, smart, and talented! The company is really excited to have them have made it obvious that they hired them with the idea that they would be in leadership sooner then later. Greg is loving all the motivated administration, co-workers, and opportunity. I am loving buying all the work clothes! I have been on a mission to buy him a few more shirts and pants just for good measure, you know, be "looking good" each time he putters off to work. Now, about 8 shirts, 2 ties, and a pair of pants later I think I am going to take a break. Guys are hard to shop for sometimes! They claim simplicity and not being too opinionated but sometimes I am not so sure.....I go back and forth all the time in a store, wondering if he will like what I am picking out. So far, most of them were a success. I guess that is enough of my exciting news other then just the one interview.

All dressed up!

We are excited to go back to Utah in a week or so and compete in the half marathon we have been planning on for months! I can't believe it is already here and it makes me a little sick...that means summer is slipping through my hands! The summer goes by WAY TOO FAST! We have been busy moving, getting used to a new state, looking for buyers, trying to BE a buyer, looking for jobs, and tyring to enjoy some serious sunlight. Oh yes, in my free time, like I mentioned, we have been doing some fun cooking. I found my new favorite cookie recipe that I feel EVERYBODY NEEDS to try!!! It's amazing!

I don't know what you want to call them, but, they could be only a start to some other amazing ideas. I think I'll call them my "Whatchamacallits!" Sound good, okay?

Here is the recipe with a glorious pic!

1 Classic yellow Pillsbury cake mix
4-5 T (or more if you are a chocolate's best friend!) of unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 C oil (I used canola)
2 large eggs
1.5-2.5 T of honey
Butterscotch chips
Mini marshmallows

Whisk together cake mix and cocoa, then mix in oil, eggs, and honey until smooth. Throw in as many butterscotch chips and marshmallows as you would like. Place on an UNGREASED cookie sheet, at least I like them ungreased but it's up to you. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes and be sure to double it because you are going to want more then just 24 cookies!

To add to my tougher then ever schedule, my Mom took me to get a pedicure! I can see why some people get hooked on these...loved it!

Last but not least, our unlikely, yet embarrassing call to 911!

Greg and I were home alone for a night because my Mom had gone to Lyman, WY for the whole weekend with my brother, Trevor. My Dad and sister, Paige, had gone to see my cousin, Bryce, play in the Shrine Bowl game. The game was in Casper, a place my family lived for almost 20 years. So, they had gotten a hotel and planned to go to church the next day and visit some old friends. Greg and I had a heck of a day! We got heat exhaustion from running too late in the day...not good when you have 12 miles to run! So, we slugged around for a good portion of the day drinking water and lying down trying to feel normal again. We did eventually get out and have a dinner and movie date to replace our climbing plans. Boo...we hated that but neither of us felt up to it so we wanted to take up the drive and climbing on a day that we didn't feel so blah. We got home and watched another movie when we decided to go to bed pretty early...we are loving the early to bed, early to rise routine! It's something we haven't done much of if we didn't have to but with Greg's new job, it has been our routine and it's been a favorite compared to the up late sleep in late deal. are getting the picture, we had been sleeping for about three hours, so it seemed really late when I was woken up by movement upstairs. Not just a dog, the wind, or a creak here and there, but somebody was definitely in our house. I could hear them walking around. I didn't think twice, I woke Greg up and since I didn't have my phone with me I asked him to hand me his phone and listen. It didn't take long before he was completely freaked out too. I knew I had left the back door open and my parents neighborhood has had some vandalism and some cars broken into.

I dialed 911 while Greg quietly got up and locked our bedroom door. He kept telling me to be quiet, because I guess my voice was getting louder and louder...but the guy on the other line kept asking me questions! You get the idea, we were really scared, and there was no way I was going upstairs to check and I didn't want who ever was up there to run into us downstairs. The police got to our house quickly...and come to find out Paige and Dad cancelled their hotel room and came home early. Mmmmm...opps! Well, we wish we would have saved the police a trip but what can we say, we didn't expect anybody home and their nonvocal, constant moving around really got our attention! Much to Larimer County's credit, emergency crews were amazing on the phone, terrifically quick, and polite when it turned out to be a false alarm. Now, for the lesson, let your family know if you cancel plans and come home in the wee morning hours! Either that or be bold enough to go check things out first before you call 911...I just know that I am not brave enough!


  1. Thanks for all the fun pictures! Your tribute to your job at the hospital was especially nice. You and Greg are fun. I can see you in a year or so, with a child, and still running/biking, climbing, etc.

  2. I got my first pedicure when I was pregnant with Ella. It was awesome! That is a great 911 story, thanks for sharing. And way to go on the half marathon!!!