Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Sweet FIRST Home

Welcome to our first home together! Beginning with our first mailbox...

Greg and I will be moving from good ol' Provo, Utah in less then two weeks. He starts his job June 4th, 2012 as a Coorporate Underwriter for State Farm. He'll be a "State Farm Boy" and I am really anxious to see how this job turns out for him. He plans to stay with the company and move up or around to leadership positions or as an agent. I really hope he enjoys the work and the people. Greg seems to be mostly intrinsically motivated...meaning he likes going and doing things he enjoys (the day to day tasks) as opposed to only doing things for a "reward" or "end result." As he tells me often, he doesn't typically just "hang out," he likes to go and do fun things with people he knows. We are taking a step out on a limb and seeing if this could be the perfect thing for him. He seems really excited and so am I! It is really fun to start a new chapter in our lives.

We are sad to leave Utah...cough cough....we really do love the people and all the fun things to do. We are going to really miss those two things. We live so close to all the things we enjoy doing on almost a daily basis including running, hiking, climbing, and biking. We live super close to the mountains, good food, and enough LDS members to merit an LDS temple just a few minutes away for whenever we'd like to go. We have loved these things and will miss the people most of all! We are looking forward to some other things in Colorado like....a steady and predictable paycheck, nights and weekends off (for Greg-no more weekends and nights for him at Applebee's), other mountains to explore and CLIMB, a more diverse population, boating at any number of lakes 5-10 minutes away, Rockies baseball games, and being close to family will have some great benefits too. Greg's office will be in between Greeley and Windsor. We hope to find a place to live in Loveland, which is close to some outdoor stuff that we are dying to get started on! We are looking at both renting and buying, but we have a lot to learn until we decide which one might be best for us right now. 

It is kind of surreal to be moving so quickly, I already had a good idea that we may very well be moving this fall, when school starts. But the decision came so quickly to try new career paths and everything just fell into place so fast that now we find ourselves moving 2 1/2 months earlier then we thought! It has been a lot of fun to start out where we have, we have loved our basement apartment and have many great memories of this unique place we call Provo!

So, here it is, our first little home sweet home....I thought these would be fun in case some time we want to walk down memory lane. We have had some good times in this apartment, cooking, cleaning, games, reading, watching movies, having friends over, having family over, etc. We have enjoyed our church family here and our opportunity to teach sunday school to 16-17 year olds.

 Our apartment is simple and all of the rooms are our favorite! The kitchen, mmmm....so many good memories of yummy (and not so yummy) dinners here. We have seen great things here and some experiments that were much less then what we expected! The things we have made the most in this kitchen, carmel popcorn, homemade rolls, cookies, oatmeal for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch. We were really spoiled for our wedding, we have many nice-new-handy things that we used here day in and day out. From the bowls, cups, and seasonings to the grill and blender! We have enjoyed and used them all. We will be packing everything up and enjoying them for many years to come.
 We have another book shelf that is slightly bigger then this one but the picture is blurry...this isn't the greatest picture either. But this paints a picture of what we love! We love books. We have two bulging book shelves and books stacked in other places including the kitchen and our bedroom. When we were unpacking we both said if we had know the kind of the books the other person had we would have decided to get married earier! Ha ha...as if it could have happened any faster. That random chair, a funny story along with that as well. My parents wanted to give us a table for Christmas. My mom and I found these beautiful chairs that were originally $200 a piece but we bought them brand new for only $50. Well, we never found a table! So, we ended up sending my dad on our wedding day....looking for a table! He found an awesome one that we love. But now we have these really nice random dining room table chairs. We keep them around! They are great for when we have more then two guests for a meal.
 This is an awesome, sturdy, wood desk that somebody just gave to us! It has been awesome. Greg really likes to study here and I really just like having a desk.
 We had tons of storage room in this old basement apartment...nice and clean too. Before we moved in the carpet had been replaced, tile put in bathroom and kitchen, and new paint.
 My first attempt at trying to decorate a bathroom....

 Check out our awesome and sophisticated decor under that window! Nothing says home sweet home like collaging free Petzel posters they give away at the climbing gym.

 Ha ha...I have to mention the golf clubs. I include a picture of all the camping/climbing gear we keep in the corner of our living room. That was strategic. Greg wanted to let everybody know who came to visit what we liked to do and what kind of people we are-outdoor people!
Ahh...home sweet FIRST home! What a nice place you have been for us newly weds. Now we move on to our second home....


  1. Great idea to take pics now of your home! We didn't purposefully go room to room and take pictures in our first couple places and I wish we had! Don't forget to take one of the outside...we've gone back and tried to do a few and they don't look the same 10 years later :)

  2. Cute place! You do a great job decorating and organizing!