Sunday, January 29, 2012

Funny Faces and Some Tasty Treats

I am happy to admit that sometimes we enjoy just hanging out and chatting, teasing each other, and in this case, taking pictures of funny faces.

 Six cookies in one sitting......nice! Go big, or go home, right?
 No thanks, I already had my fair share.
 Greg's cousin got him a great new apron. He seems to still be attached to my old one. The pink, brown stripped, and ruffled one! What a guy!!! Apron AND folding the laundry!!!! I love this guy.
 It's time for cinnamon rolls....AGAIN. Look at that wonderful sight. It means we are half way done. I love this step.
 Butter it up, douse it with sugar and cinnamon, and put it in a pan for another round of rising.

 I think we both almost ate an entire pan together that night....hard to stop when they are OH SO GOOD!

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